Thursday, April 4, 2013

Day 83 - practice in rain

Woke up to lots of rain. That is always a little difficult, but I will see to it, that I can get out and practice. We play in sun and in wet conditions. Yesterday I had a great putting session. 2 hours working on my set up. I used to set up like Jack Nicklaus. That is how I learned it and it made a lot of sense to do so. Not sure why I ever changed it, but yesterday I went back to my original set up. Open stance, right shoulder lowered and my feet apart a little wider. Worked over 2 hours on distance control and feel. It is a little odd with the NickelPutter, because of its shape and weight, but in the end it felt good and I found my distance control again. I am satisfied with the result and will continue to put extra time in for the putting stroke. It is crucial that this will work. Biggest challenge I have is the putting greens I am working on. The speed of the greens I am playing in tournaments is above 10 at all times. Mostly 11, 12 and even 13. Further they are absolutely true greens in great condition. The greens I am practicing on are for the most part not even close to that. This makes it difficult to adjust all the time. I am struggling to get the speed right and find my distance. I am looking into a putting green for my back yard. There is great options, but they all cost plenty money. So we will keep working on that issue and see how we can proceed with that. Indoors I have a green which is running will , but no space yet to make it happen. Today I will work on mid irons and finish with the driver. Still not sure how to proceed with the driver. It is ok and I am in play, but I am way to short. Need to gain 30 to 40 yards. Which is no problem with my speed and strength. I just need to make contact at the right time and in the right spot. My mid irons are crucial and I am excellent one day and like a beginner the next I think I just need to hit more balls in more focus and make sure I open my body and make room for my club to get through. Tomorrow we play Bobby Jones again. It will be fun. Fast greens for the tournament and hopefully sun. This will then be a good test for Monday at Laurel Oaks Country Club. I feel good, pretty much rested and my mind is free of any side tracking thought for the first time in weeks.

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