Saturday, April 13, 2013

Comment on Tiger Woods penalty

Wanting to play on the pro tours, part of it is knowing the rules. While I do know the rules very well, it is at times hard to understand when they need to be enforced and how. The Tiger Woods drop will be a good example on how a rule could be implied by a ruling body. I think most important to understand is here, that the ruling body evaluated the drop before tiger even was done with 18. Meaning, that they would have had time to tell him that he did something wrong. But, after looking at the video, they decided he did nothing room. The same counts for his pear players in the group, his caddie, the other caddies, millions of viewers, officials and so on and so on. That tells me, that he played by the rules and did not sign a wrong score card. Only in his interview it became clear, that he was playing a different set of rules mistakenly. If Tiger would have not said anything about the 2 yards. Nobody would talk about it. That is exactly where the protection comes in. In his mind, he did everything right and all people around him confirmed that fact. The 2 shot penalty is to a point justified, but only to a point. Even that could be discussed. Opinions are different in that matter. But fact is, that decisions like that were made before other players being involved. Remember Ernie Else with the camera tower, a movable obstacle, which then was ruled a not moveable obstacle. Clearly a rules violation and yet he won and nobody ever talks about it. This decision was one of the best made in golf for years. Showing the ability to make a decision based on humanity. I do not believe, that the name Woods helped her, even though some of the people and players indicate so. It is funny, that the leading players agree with the decision and the lower tier players, like David Duval, Lowery and maybe others do not. It clearly shows their mindset towards the game. Not healthy. Not knowing it, Tiger could make history and probably already did just by being the first one to be penalized by this new rule. Incredible. There always be people like Chambele ( hope I spelled it right), a guy who literally has no clue. Over the years who showed his ignorance of the actual game. Or like Rosaforte ( did I spell this one right?), who loves to talk but again seems to forget what we are talking about. Freddy Couples gave a good statement and if Tiger has any sense for the game of golf, he will play and move on to win big. I play by the rules and I believe everybody should play by the same set of rules. That brings in the anchored putter. An illegal golf club widely used on the tour and around the World. Yet nobody seems to care about that, until the R and A and the USGA begin to think about getting the ruling right. All of a sudden there is all kinds of comments. Fact is, it is an illegal club. Period. No fuzz here though. If I would be a player on the tour right now. I would focus on playing. Tiger might have gained an advantage, but of what kind? He could have holed it out, but he did not and he could have used two strokes, which he did and lost them both, falling back. So in reality, the hole did not help him at all. So if I am a player , I do the one thing which is important at that time: Focus on my game, play the best I can and do the best I can do play by the rules. Only difference, now I know that being human is ok! If Tier withdraws now, he will put the entire club and Masters in question. Questioning a board and ruling body which for sure knows what they are doing. If he does that, it will literally take away the trust in and tournament ruling body. So I hope he understands that his popularity is important, but the game golf much more so.

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