Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Chipping and putting at Terra Ceia Bay Golf Club in Palmetto

My first session successfully completed. What a great morning. My focus was chipping around the green, some lob shots and bunker shots. Worked on PW shots from different distances first. Then used my PW from off the green. Bumping short chips to the fringe and let it run to the hole. 30 yard approach over the bunker, high lob shots from different positions, more short chips around the green and last bunker shots. After full concentration I played some 6 iron run shots and some PW shots for longer pins. After about 200 balls I finally got my feel for the arms back. Lost it some years ago LOL. From there on, I was right on the money. Now it is just a matter of keeping this feeling alive, through more and daily practice. My PW and SW are the two clubs I use most around the green for all kinds of shots. Long , short, high, with spin, without spin etc. So I will keep working on it daily. My LW is mainly for special situations. Short pin behind the bunker, other obstacles and special lies. I have to say , the more I go , the better it feels and the more lucky I get. Holing out short shots more often. Really brings up the question if I should stay with my LW and SW when getting the new irons. At the same time, I like to have clubs which look the same. But there is time to think about it. My 6 iron roll shot was very good and I should use it more often on the course. I feel so comfortable with my PW, that it is difficult to change my club for those shots, even if I think it is the better choice. I will work on it harder to have this shot in my bag. Now there is some admin work and some other things to do. My afternoon session starts at around 4 pm.

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