Thursday, April 25, 2013

Blue sky in Bradenton makes a great day for practice

After the kind of not working out practice yesterday , I am looking forward to go on the range today. What better place to be? But first we have to wait for our car to come back from the shop yet again. Did not realize that this will take another 3 hours of my morning. But oh well. Things need to get done. So I am off to the range a little later. Todays work will be mainly driver, hybrid, 3 wood. Irons I will warm up and hit the par 3s I am playing this weekend. It will be a hot day. Just as I like it. I am really looking forward to be out in summer time. Nobody will be out there on the course. Nice practice environment. Thank you for the messages in regards to golf clubs. I really appreciate it. I hope next week I can go and try some of the clubs suggested. I have not hit any of those clubs. Always played very old fashioned , tiny blades. Which I like, but I think in times of technology I really need to be on board here and make my life easier. Just found out that the WFGT added summer events. Nice opportunity to compete, practice and play with a good group.

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