Sunday, April 7, 2013

Back in the game

Friday was an interesting golf round I played. Some incredible shots, some shots which are beyond me understanding how I can actually do them. Overall I took some good things from this round at Bobby Jones and some things which make me think I need to do some things different. I went right back to work yesterday. the primary goal was to shoot some videos to take a look at what I am doing. This does not supplement in anyway a swing analysis. The video shows you your set up position and your swing in fast mode, but it does not tell you how your club angle is at impact, your swing speed, your swing arc or anything like it. Just because you have a good back swing and a good set up it does not mean that you make good contact when arriving at impact. So what I really wanted to find out with shooting some videos is some general information about my set up and positioning as well as my weight shift. I could identify several issues right away. One of the biggest issues being my weight shift, secondly my set up and last my sequence and her especially my head. I can not identify my attack angle, smash point, swing speed and how my club head is at impact ( that being the most important). I also can not identify my swing arc. So for the time being I will go through them again and find a couple issues which I will be working on. That is a temporary solution. Before I start my daily regiment of practice and play I need work on the following: 1. Have the 100 % fitting equipment 2. Have a swing analysis 3. Have a refreshing lesson or lessons 4. Have a swing analyzer to use on the range for constant control of what we are working on So there is a month to get this done. Luckily I can play 3 more evens on the WFGT before playing the Sarasota City Championship. That event was good for me and I won the last flight. Does not sound to exciting, but it was. Played some good golf in the end and made some good price money ( which that is the key in the first place). Today we will need to see what I put on my list. Play a round of golf or drive out to Tatum Ridge for a concentrated session of practice in some areas like Driver set up and swing, bunker shots and maybe the mid iron approach. So we will see. I listened to the golf channel yesterday and they talked about different ways on how to improve and get ready for the masters. They mentioned two players. Tiger Woods and Rory. Saying that Tiger is the player who would go on the range, work on something, accomplish the task and then bring it to the golf course. Which is different to Rory, who is a player. Someone who goes out, plays and plays and takes hits on the course before accomplishing his feel and A game. Two different ways to get back in shape. I love the range and I think it is important to go and work on things, but in the end, improvement comes with play and play only. On the range you will be able to get to a certain level of play, but never to a professional level. That is only possible by playing. Playing a lot, best every day. A friend and mentor of mine who played about 7 years on the PGA tour many years ago once told me, that I have everything I need to play pro golf. I just need to go out and play and play and play. When working on my game , I was told to work on one task at a time and never work on one task for more then 1 hour. Then take a break and do something else. Although there is no one single blue print on how to accomplish the task and the practice plan, some of the pointers are , in my mind, universal. I need to improve in some of those matters. Practice more targeted, practice more efficient and more in the first place. Some of the dialogues I had recently included the discussion about all the technology what is available and how the guys did not have that many years ago. Although that might be true, there is not one single senior, who would have used it if available. Simply because it makes sense and helps. Jack Nicklaus always said, whatever helps you to play better, take advantage of it. Tee it up if you can, play it forward if possible, clean it if allowed. Put yourself in the best position with all possible options. I am far away from that and that will be the goal over the next 4 weeks. I might get some of it done before the City Championship, but I will put no pressure on myself because of that. I have to the end of the year to get into shape with my game. I am excited that I can do what I do and the situation has improved by far, which makes it much easier to get the task done. Still working on my team and on getting myself and everyone 100 % in focus for the goal. Next week we have more conversations with possible partners. It is a team effort. I am the quarter back. My job is to call the shots and play. But there is many positions which need to be filled. Now, let us start the day with a good Sunday breakfast :) .

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