Thursday, April 25, 2013

4 housr of practice in Bradenton

Just got in from a great practice day. First 2 hours of intensive short game yet again. Looks good and gets better. Nice feel for all shots. did many lob shots today. Second part I worked on 100, 130 and 150 irons. Looks good. My main focus was the driver. It was ok, but still not where I need to be. So we keep working. But now we have 3 days of competition coming up and I am ready and excited to play :). On my way home I stopped at Dicks Sporting Goods. They do not have Mizuno or Bridgestone. So I tried the Taylor Made Rocket Blades and the Cobra AMP. Forget the Taylor Made. Not worth it. The AMP was amazing. I hit 15 shots with the 7 iron. 13 great shots, 2 miss his and those even went straight, just a little shorter. Incredible the difference between my little VIP blades and those new clubs. I think I make it harder on myself then I should. Next week I will check out the Mizuno JPX and JPX pro 825s. I have a feeling that I have a feeling my game will sky rocket soon. Anyway, it was good stop by there. Try those new clubs and just look at the clubs. Next time I try some putters as well. I need to take advantage of new technology as well. I always thought I will stay with my old fashioned clubs and stuff. But it is time to change and progress. My game is getting better by the day. With 4 to 6 hours a day practice and soon more play, no doubt there is good things to come. Now I will get a good rest and work on some websites. Tomorrow I play the practice round for Bobby Jones. It will be fun. It is amazing how I feel. It is extremely satisfying when you complete a day of doing things you really like to do. I can feel, that I am on track again, after may years of just doing things.

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