Thursday, March 7, 2013

Working on golf stuff, have time to chat

So far so good in regards to working on sales and advertising for my golf website. However, the ankle is hurting. This will cost me another 2 to 3 days of practice and progress. Nothing I can do about it. I think it is correct, that I did things wrong. When practicing I need to wear the appropriate shoes, not just street shoes. When going out in the sun I need to put on the good sun blocker. I get hit by the sun easily and then I am usually down for a day. What a great think to live in Florida LOL. Once we updated our the website, I will let all of you know. I am very excited about the review website. You will find up close and personal reviews from me and only me! Objective, short and unbiased. In between I will watch some golf. PGA tour is in Miami and Puerto Rico. Both will be interesting. -->

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