Tuesday, March 12, 2013

What are the best golf shoes for walking and lots of practice?

After my incident with my foot, I am in need to change my shoe. So today for the first time I stopped at Golfsmith to try some shoes on. Not that I would buy shoes there. After all, I operate a website with plenty of shopping, but I think trying on a shoe is important. My first thought was to eliminate shows I did not even like the looks. Sounds funny, but I can tell you , that this plays a role in your over all feel. At least to a point, you should consider this fact. So I could scratch all Footjoys from the beginning and most of the Adidas and some other old style look shoes. Next I eliminated all cheapies. A show for 59 or 99 $ surely will not give me support for every day play and practice and that is what is ahead in the very near future. At the end I picked 3 shoes which I licked and which are of good quality. The Adizero, Nike TW 13 and the Ecco Hyrbrid Golf Shoe. I like all of them. They all felt good and all are light. So I tried on the Adizero first. I own two Adidas shows and was satisfied, although they are always a little tight. I have wide and flat feet. But , I picked a W and gave it a shot. It only took one shoe and I knew that this is not an option. So only a few minutes and a scratch. I liked the fast pace I was in already. Next I took the Nike TW 13. The Tiger shoe. It looked great, it was light and the material felt very nice. Size 9 was an immediate fit. For the next 20 minutes I actually kept the left one on my foot and in between had both. They feel great. The support system is good and the bionic skin material is very interesting. A little strange that it is folding on the sides, which did not take any comfort away though. The way the soles are made makes them very walkable. I very much liked them. Looking in the mirror, I liked the looks of them and developing a new image they could fit in the program and give the comfort I would need. So I had one left. Ecco Hybrid Golf. First I put on felt great, but was way to big. I put on another one and fell in love right away. The comfort feeling was very nice. The support great and easy to feel right away. The looks topped it. There is not much more to say. While walking for a few minutes, I was very satisfied with this shoe as well and I can see giving it a shot. I left on one of each shoes for the time I was waiting to be picked up. Overall, I have to say that both shoes are by far superior over that I had before. Not even my best FootJoys from long ago came close to the feeling. I am a heavy guy ( at this point LOL) and I need a shoe which is wider and has a good inside and sole. I like spike less shoes over spikes. When worn properly they will last for a long time. But longer then 1 or at the most 2 years is not planned in constant play anyway. Soles and inserts wear out, just like running shoes. They only have so many miles ( like tires ) and then need to be renewed. Anyway. I think I found two great shoes and can imagine to play in each one of them. Reviews are good on both and prices are comparable if not even. Hopefully over the next couple weeks we can get into those shoes and give it a shot. So I have to say today was a good day. Did plenty of research, tried to get my stats figured out, communicated with some people and worked on further plans and getting things in order. It was good, but besides some chipping I did not get any practice in. That is not exactly satisfying or acceptable, but the day is over and tomorrow we do better. Have any suggestions for some shoes? Experiences and other suggestions are welcome. Interested in getting some? Visit www.befitforgolf.com and some research yourself.

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