Saturday, March 9, 2013

Voice your opinion

As part of my big goal, we need to develop a good website audience. For that more traffic is needed and more content. For years I wrote reviews for websites and companies online only to have them make money with those articles. Those times are over. It is now us who will present reviews.And you can be part of it. Visit our golf portal. and find the review page. There is not much on it. We just published it. Now there is content needed. I will write unbiased reviews about products, services, courses and much more. Those reviews are different, because we updated them with a follow up after a while and then keep going as we can. However, we will give the opportunity to third parties to write reviews. Only trusted writers will be published though and there is no financial gain in it. Contact me for guidelines. More important, if you own a company, a hotel , a product or anything what can be reviewed, I will do it. Find out how by using the website to message me. Meanwhile here is the link to take a look at the first draft we will use. Simple , clear, easy to understand and true. That is the deal. Great working day so far. Made good progress on websites. Later work on statistics and keep resting my foot. Also got some info together for financial matters as I was asked by some readers in terms of financing etc. However, there is still lots to do for that one to make it simple and clear as well. I was advised to find sponsors for Cell Phone, Internet, Tablet and so on. Not sure how to go about that, but we surely need to find them fast :). Just a matter of finding out what we can offer. Suggestions are welcome if productive and for the goal. Amazing how complex the project gets. By far more then most of you ever thought, that is for sure. I can not wait to be on the golf course every day and all this is done by a helper or volunteer. Back to work :)

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