Monday, March 18, 2013

The Founders Club in Sarasota FL, great course

It was an interesting round of golf today. Wind and rain did not make it easier. However, it was fun and even after this very bad round I performed, there is not all negative pointers I can take away. For the first time in weeks I did s couple sand saves. As a matter of fact, I got out of 5 bunkers and ended up with 2 pars, two bogeys and 1 double. That is not to bad. However, I missed several putts under 6 feet. One of them for birdie. Overall, the weather and the wind did not have much to do with my score. I had some good shots, some good saves but a huge mental focus problem. I can take some things from this round to learn, but what I learned most, is that in the current situation of practice, play and life, I am by far not ready to play as I can and should. I will update about new plans tomorrow and throughout the week. Right now I am tired, still wet and deeply unsatisfied. Tomorrow is a new day and we will take it from there. Thank you for visiting.

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