Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Short game practice at Terra Ceia Bay Golf

After a week of not being able to practice or go out I was back today on the range. This is such a good feeling. I to a large bucket with about 75 balls or so. Considering that about 5 are no good I thought about doing 70. My main focus was PW, 9 iron and a few 6 irons. Worked out well. PW is getting better. I play this specific one 90 to 120 and can use it for all kinds of stuff. 9 iron went very well. Could stick it nicely to my targets. No telling if there was any spin and the ball flight at times looked strange. But I was satisfied with my rhythm and set up. My physical shape was no good. After 45 balls I had to take a short break. Then I went over to do some driver tee shots. Had a few balls left and put my focus getting the ball straight out there. For that I actually reset my R11s to a different dial in after a few shots. No surprise, it worked well and I was able to get some good drives out there. Naturally I play left to right, which some people tried to tell me is not what I want or need. Fact is, that the most successful players in this game played left to right and for good reason. You can read about it in their books. I can only tell you, that whenever I go with it, I play well and more confident. Next step was to get about 200 chip shots in. PW and SW. Different targets, different locations. Some over the bunker , some straight, some rough and some fringe. Was good. Good feel and good results. Then I thought about some bunker shots. Did about 20 of them. I can get the ball out, but have not much control or feel. No idea what happened 4 weeks ago. Until then, I was doing very well with that. So back to the drawing board and practice and observe. I am happy I was out there and feel that I was doing my part for our team and business as well as for my health and mind. But 2 hours was enough time for today. I will be back tomorrow for sure and approach some new goals. I was wearing my old Adidas shows and was happy with that as well. No ankle problem, no hurting. That is the best news ever. What else is new? With our website we have new partners. Like Medicus Golf, Logo Design and many more. Interested in a mail in rebate from my website? That is easy. Ask me and I will tell you how you can get up to 10 % cash back for certain items if shopping through our website. Now that is exciting. So I worked on those new partnerships and we redid our biz Twitter account. I was dormant on that for months, which I think was a mistake. So many friends are looking , watching and want to share. Find us on Twitter at : befitforgolf Check out our new partners at :

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