Saturday, March 9, 2013

Separate blogs to keep it simple

It probably did not get unnoticed, that I am blogging in 3 different blogs. There is a simple reason for that. Focus. While my main blog about my daily approach and life in terms of professional golf is published right here, I keep the other blogs separate from that. That makes it easier for readers to pick what they want to ready. I think this fair. You find a review blog. This will bring you a short , clear and simple review about a golf product, service, course or lesson. Nothing to deep. Something which can be helpful to anyone. Most people get to technical in the first place. A private blog about issues I find interesting. Now that is sensitive and I am not yet sure how to approach that completely but try to make it happen. In the end , the most important, most interesting blog will stay right here. With 300 days to go and in a hole right now, this will be interesting and exciting to say the least. But I am willing to sacrifice all kinds of things for that. Things which seem very important to some of you, but which are in reality are of no importance to once long term life and goals. I thought I will share the info about my blogs , so you are prepared and can pick your readings. Surely I know they all will be good. My private issue blog will also be controversial to some. But oh well , that is how it is and actually should be :) . Until later. -->

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