Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Practice in cold weather in Florida

Yes it was cold, very cold. Also it was windy. Ideal to practice. Which I did for 2 hours. First I worked on 90 chip shots. Short and medium length. It is beyond me, why I can not put them on as close when I play. I have a good feel, good speed. The argument that it is about the greens, is simply wrong. After that I did about 50 lob shots over the bunker. It was tough to get them under control with all the wind. But the goal was to actually put them on the green within 10 feet or so. For the most part I did accomplish that. Next I was hitting wedges into the wind. 50 yards, 78 yards, 101 yards and 130 yards. Interesting how the wind works against you. However, I was able to get the shorter distances under control after a while and then was hitting for large greens. Middle of the green to be exact. Felt good and it seemed that I made progress. One big issue to be worked on today was to clear the way for my swing and open up. At the same time to slow down my swing and let my right hand give more power. I used to hit a PW 120 to 140 with a much easier swing it seems. So I am not sure I understand why I am so tremendously short. Not that it matters, but a little more distance would be nice :). I did not hit any driver or wood. My driver worked well yesterday and I was hitting fairways with good average distance. So we work on that tomorrow again. I was frozen then and called it a day. There is more time to putt and chip today at my home practice area. Looking for more practice options at home. Any suggestions?

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