Thursday, March 21, 2013

Practice at Tatum Ridge in Sarasota

Had a great practice. Went to Tatum Ridge Golf Links mainly with focus on bunker play. But first I did about 30 minutes chipping with PW and SW. It was good and yet different then just a few days ago. It seems, that I can not get myself to stay with one set up. Also it seems that I can not decide to go with the 1 club philosophy or with the 3 club option. I feel comfortable with PW and SW around the green. My LW really went the wrong way. It was my favorite club around the green for years. Now I am struggling with it. Not the LW fault :). The chipping was satisfactory. I would need 1 to 2 hours a day to perfect it, so there is some focus. I skipped putting and went on to what I was planning to work on. Bunker play. For that I did 30 yard pitch shots first. Just to get a feel. Some flat lies, some downhill side hill lies. Some SW and some LW. All look ok. I did not want to spend much time on it as my focus was the bunker. I lost 6 to 10 strokes per round in the bunker while playing my last 4 rounds. That is not acceptable and just not right. I worked on short shots first. The first 5 or 6 were horrible. I simply did not get my follow through going. But then I remembered the video I watched yesterday by Phil Michelson and tried to implement his advice. Follow through all the way and go towards the target. It got better with each shot and I started doing long bunker shots, short bunker shots, uphill, downhill, side hill and the egg. In the end I was able to get all of them on the green and at least in some way towards the pin. I spend some time with that. Last I relaxed with PW shots, some 8 irons and some 6 irons. About 20 drives closed the session. I felt great about the progress with the bunker play. That was the most important goal today. Took about 3 hours all together. Enough for a range session. Now I am ready for tomorrow at Bobby Jones. Just have to remind myself that the greens are different then the greens we play on tournaments, for the most part at least. Other then that I am looking forward to compete and to win. Practice round at Bradenton Country Club is planned for Sunday. Saturday is Manatee Driving Range. Right on track again. When out there I not only had a great practice, but I felt great to be out there , seeing the birds, plenty of people going out for a round, having a beer, some of them so old, you might think they will never make it to the first tee box, but having fun along the way. Just a great feeling :). Now off to bed and getting some good rest.

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