Monday, March 25, 2013

Playing golf at Bradenton Country Club

Finally I can see that I am back playing golf, not chasing a ball. Again not usual scoring. However, I only missed 2 fairways with my driver and had good average. My approach shots were a little all over. Just could not get a feel for the wind. However, on the front nine I had two great sand saves. Both pars were needed to keep up the confidence. I just practiced bunker shots and it shows. It only takes me a few hours to get something done and play normal again. The back 9 started with three double bogeys on par 4s. All of them because of my putting. Missed a 1 footer. I should mark and settle. However, I came back nicely, finding my focus again. Played pars, bogeys and a great birdie on 16. Picked a shorter club and put everything I had in there. Most disappointing was 17. Had a huge drive, a great lay up and put my 3rd shot within 7 feet. But then left my birdie putt 2 inch short. That cost me some dollars because there was no other birdie on that hole. Not good. After all I am playing for the skin money not for the quota :). The key is make more then paying in. My game plan was good and I did execute it nicely. Missed my birdie book, which cost me 1 penalty stroke. Dum mistake I have to say. It was great fun and worth every minute. For the first time in 3 weeks I felt like I am moving back to were I left a few months ago. Back to becoming the player I was and should be. In focus, happy and certainly shooting in 70s consistently. I am excited about the coming month. Soon, every day play, every day practice, every day golf. About time. It is early, so there is plenty of time to do some chipping , which I will do and get ready for Friday. Can not wait to get out on Bobby Jones Golf course. Maybe not as in good shape as Bradenton CC, but a very good challenge for any golfer. More great news. A great golfer who for years played Titleist Pro V 1 told me that he tried my logo balls and loved them. He will switch. Which makes sense. Just read the compression report on those balls and then save yourself some money. Thank you for all the support and look forward to huge steps forward soon. Can not wait to be back :). Friday Bobby Jones, Monday Sara Bay.

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