Monday, March 4, 2013

New plan for today and tomorrow

Just found out that I can not play a practice round. The course is closed for today and tomorrow. That makes it a little harder for Wednesday. But it will have to work. So practice today and then practice tomorrow. That does not replace play, but I think we can manage. Maybe I am able to find a round somewhere to get in the mode. In this cold, there might be some options. Good preparation with google earth will help also. After all I should be able to play a course at any time. From the white tees it is so short, that it should not be a challenge. I am excited to proof my ability. There is some money in the pot as well. After all that is why we are out there enduring all this stress and the hard work to keep moving. One thing is for sure, approaching a goal like I am right now is not for the light hearted. One of the things I am learning right now is, that before beginning , all things should be in place. Meaning, you should have equipment, memberships and finances all in place for one year of full time play, practice and tournament. It is extremely difficult to keep focus and strength if this is not there. I am lucky and have already some support which keeps me going, but still there is more needed to be at 100 %. The experience I am providing here shall help others to plan better. Beginning the end of March it looks like I am able to put 80 % of my time towards the goal. Practice and play will be set up and tournament entries taken care of. On top there is support for living which lifts weight as well. Equipment is supported. So we are doing well, which is exciting. When you read this and are one of the players who wants to start going for it, you should book mark my blog and site. There is much to consider and it will take plenty of mental strength to keep in focus , despite what comes on to you in regular life. Priorities need to be set for everything you do. That does not mean you need to stop having fun, living or so. However, there is plenty of things to consider. I think I will start working on a guide for all those in my age, who are seriously interested in playing on Pro tournaments. Mini Tours or higher. I absolutely believe my experience will help. Just another thought to share in the daily life of a golfer.

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