Thursday, March 14, 2013

Is good golf practice possible in 60 min?

Absolutely. As a matter of fact, more then 60 min in one session is not good. At least Jack Nicklaus wrote that many years ago and I have to agree from experience. It is true that I sometimes go practice for 3 hours. But what is also true, that I have breaks in between. Meaning , I am not hitting 3 hours without stopping and doing something else. Like cleaning clubs or reading, writing or simply resting. So todays practice was in between a very busy day. But it was a great practice. Again at Terra Ceia Bay Golf in Palmettto,FL. I know what you are thinking. I just wrote a review about the bad balls there. And you are right , the balls are horrible. My bucket today was especially useless. At least 60 % of it. But I use those balls for wedge shots and short irons. Which worked out well. My short irons seem to be in great shape. Well, I am sure they were in shape all the time. but I am turning nicely and open up nicely.In preparation for The Founders Club I then worked on my 6 iron, which will be one of the key clubs on that course. There two par 3s which are most likely to be played with that club and those holes are there to score. So I will focus on that club a lot over the weekend. I then worked on some hybrid shots. Again, that is needed for that course and for tomorrow. Last I did some 3 woods. With hole number 3 of The Founders in mind as well as the par 5 number 9, which I play safe with a 3 wood tee off , 3 wood second and then a short iron into the green. As well as the par 5s on Bobby Jones, which I play as par 4s for practice. It was good rhythm and I felt comfortable with my rhythm, swing and mind set. As I wrote before I will spend the rest of the day with some online work and 1 to 2 hours putting and chipping at home. After going back and forth I made the decision that I will play at Bobby Jones tomorrow. This might not be a comparable quality course, but it is competition and playing for cash. Also there is potential sponsors, investors and lenders present, so I should show up. Last we are invited for a Charity Texas Holdem Event ( Breast Cancer) , which I will need to cancel. At least at this point. If I will then play on Saturday or Sunday at The Founders will be decided tomorrow night. As I will not be at the Tampa Bay Open this year on Sunday, there is some time in the schedule which I can work with. Great news. A friend and client of mine who operates a very interesting golf shop in Tampa agreed to take a look at my swing. The significance of that is not the look, but that he builds custom fit clubs. This might be an opportunity for a partnership which will include custom fit irons and a profitable outlook in terms of commissions. Next week we will see that we get there and talk to him. I will not disclose the name of the shop until it is time and set in stone. Ok. Back to work and practice.

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