Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Great practice

What a great day so far. After getting some really needed rest, I was out on the range for roughly 3 hours. Putting first. Was happy with my rhythm. The greens are of ok speed, so I shall be ok tomorrow. .
Then good practice on the range. Warm up with some PW , 9 iron and 8 iron. It was good and I had good rhythm. Which is positive, considering that I by far not do enough. My goal was to work on the driver, so I only did a few hybrids. They were ok, yet not very good. I can move the ball and I feel confident, that I can handle those clubs on par 3s and par 5s, This is where I need them most.

Then worked on the driver. The goal was to get the ball in the fairway. So, hit straight drives. My main challenge is opening up. Getting my body out of the way and stay in rhythm.
Today it worked well. I changed my routine a little and added a couple things. That seems to help to get the drive out there nicely. Hit bout 25 of those and only had two which might have been OB or in trouble I should say. But it is hard to tell on the range. Contact was good and I let my right hand go nicely. It was busy and after I was done,  I got some compliments from spectators and trust me, it was not for my looks :).
I concluded with some mixed shots and felt good about the results. My clubs are small, I have to say and the steel shaft is nice, but I am considering graphite soon to make it easier for myself. Another few putts with focus on putting off the green, which I do more and more if there is a chance. Really get good results with that.
It feels great to know that another few weeks and I will be able to go there every day, work on my game ,play and do what I am supposed to do. Not happy with the cost otherwise. 12.25 for a large bucket with 125 balls is pretty expensive I think. It was worth it.

Later I do some SW , LW and others to get in shape for tomorrow. Just the feel. I have my distances right. It is my rhythm and my head which I need to work on.
The new balls , Wilson Staff Duo, are great. I know some might say the quality of the ball is not that good. They are wrong. This is a good ball. I play against Titleist Pro V 1 people all the time and outplay them. Simply because this ball is not made for the average player, period! It makes money though. But that , I will review on my site.

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