Friday, March 8, 2013

Getting healthy is more important that anything

What a day. I am on the computer working to make something happen all day. The good news is, I actually made something happen. Posting content on my websites, working on website layout, communicating with possible sponsors and working on a plan for more practice in a better sense.
It was productive. So I think over the next 3 or 4 weeks we see dramatic improvement in our set up. And it is time. Something needs to happen or my plan is in serious danger of being possible to execute.
My ankle is doing much better. When I move it, it feels better and lose. No more pain just sitting and much less pain walking. I am glad that I did not go play today. That would have been a set back for sure. So I have all weekend to get the foot in order and to get business and more in order. Being healthy will be crucial for the next 6 to 8 months.  No rest in sight. The day I wake up without thinking how to get thing done, will be the day I will celebrate :) .
One of the greatest things to be mentioned is the partnership with some great retailers. In effect what that means is, that if you shop there, you support me without losing any of your deals or sales.
One of my favorite is right at the bottom of this post. Check out the golf balls they offer.
Just make sure you shop through my site or blog . I highly appreciate it. It is exciting to see , that some of my friends and supporters take advantage of that and become indirect sponsors.
In return, I always ask for websites of friends, family and whoever. Offer link exchange to my golfing websites and real estate websites. There is all kinds of ways to get a mutual benefit going. Just ask.
Did you watch some golf today? What a performance by Tiger and what  come back by Sergio. Tiger set another record and Sergio came back nicely after a rough start. This will be a fun weekend coming up. I can not tell you how bad I want to go out and play. There is so many opportunities. Yet, I am injured and have to take care of other things first. One of my favorites today was Wiratchant. How about this 46 year old fighter. Plays his game and scores well.

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