Sunday, March 3, 2013

Freezing cold

Just got back from a session which was pretty much practice for a tournament up north when it is cold and windy. Nobody but me on the range at Terra Ceia. It was good though. Hit wedges into the wind and some irons. Was able to get some distances for my chart. Then off to the hybrids and the driver yet again. Now that was cold. This area is elevated. So I am hitting into the wind. My body is getting colder, my spirits a high, but honestly I was thinking Irish Pub or something. Well I finished my work and was satisfied. It was hard to hit into the wind and then with wind from the left. Next I was on my way to the car, when I decided to do some short game as well. So about 50 lob shots over the trap and about 100 chips and pitches from different positions around the green. It was cold, but nice and important to get a feel for the game in the cold. Considering the fact that I have to be in shape on Wednesday I finished practice with cold bones , but satisfied that I did my job and had fun with it. Now warming up and doing extra work for advertising and more. I can feel for the guys in Palm Beach today. It must have been very tough to get around the course and make it happen. Amazing how some of them did it. Make sure you visit all of our websites when you have a chance. A complete list will come soon. Who knows, maybe we work together soon in some matter.

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