Sunday, March 10, 2013

Feel much better and ready to go, but keep it slow

One more day of rest and no pressure on my foot and I feel incredibly better. No hurting. No swelling. I am ready to go. So I will start practice on Tuesday. Tomorrow I will use my time at home to do some home practice and work in the office. Have to do all the call backs. I got some good sleep, watched some golf, got some more rest, took some more pills. Might do some putting. Nothing to big. Just one step at a time. Also we will look for new shoes. It seems, that I have some troubles even with some of my good shoes. Not sure if this is age or simply a wrong move. It was great watching Tiger win today. Even more that Sergio was in the mix. Also that Steve Stricker was there and Graeme. My oh my. How good can it get. Most of my top favorite players all in the top 10. But I am not elaborating on that. Tomorrow is a new day. A better day. Although a very, very stressful coming up, I am looking forward to it.

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