Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Day 83 - working on short game, a key to score

Another not so warm day today. Nevertheless 2 hour practice on the agenda. Terra Ceia Bay Driving range. Not that best balls. But when I go for short game I bring my own balls. Warming up with 45 PW shots , different distances. The green is not in great shape so developing more feel and working on my set up was the goal. Did well. According to PGA tour statistics. When a PGA player is within 10 yards of the hole they averaged 3 foot 7 inches with their chip. I have about 65 % of my shots within 3 feet. At times 80. Now the green on that range is not in great shape and a little slower now. So I can not work much on the outcome but work on feel. 3 feet is the goal from wherever I chip. Next we did the same amount of shots with the SW. This time to approach closer targets and with obstacles in front of me. Did ok. Not 100 % satisfied with all shots, so I need to get back on that one. 3rd part of short game was 5 stations with about 10 balls. A. lie behind tree or close to tree and hit LW to a tugged pin. Including a few draw shots. B. Downhill and side hill lie. This time SW. C. Uphill lie over mount from bad lies like ground or divot D. Firm ground uneven lie with SW, some of them downhill lie again E. Lob shot from behind the green with LW and SW. Did well. But there is plenty of room for improvement. That concluded my goal for today. Worked on my set up and spin. To relax I hit a bout 6 bunker shots. Not happy with that. this bunker is strange to say the list, but I got it out and towards my target. Last, 40 woods just to stay in touch with my inner rhythm. Driver was excellent, hybrid very good and 3 wood ok. Overall, a good practice day and I accomplished my set up goal, which I will work on over the next weeks. Tomorrow we are back on wedges and mid irons. This is all a long process. I changed a few fundamental things in my swing. Including weight distribution, upper body at set up, take away beginning of down swing. After 20 years, that is a huge change, but it needs to be done to gain a little more distance and accuracy. A little later I will do some putting and maybe some pitching at home. If every session from now on can be productive I am excited. I do not have enough feedback yet. Need to use my video cam more often and I still do not have the swing analyzer, which I think would be of great help. Even if I believe it is possible to do without, it is a great tool to make things easier and speed them up. If I would be 21 I would not spend any time thinking about that at all, but I am not.

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