Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Day 82 - Practice makes perfect

Although perfect is not exactly true, it makes better. Over the past 2 months my golf game went sour and it was a tough test. It is never easy when you were shooting 70s consistently at one point in your life, then falling back into a hole, coming back out and on the way to get better and then fall again. The great news is, that I could fall all day and year and I still know that I can do it! Once you shot a certainly level, you can always get back. Maybe things are different now, because of age and so on. But the mind is still there. The best example is my bunker play. It went away totally and I at times was not even getting out of the trap. After very hard practice I am back and for the past 7 days am back hitting good, not great, but good bunker shots. My driver was good. Average drive was acceptable and I was on target. So today I work on Jack Nicklaus rhythm drills as well as LW shots from uneven and difficult lies. 3 hours practice on the agenda today. Working my way back to full time golf. One day at a time, one step at a time, one hour at a time. It will be exciting to sit down with my team at the end of September and see where we are at. I am 100 % positive, that we will be very close to where I want to go. There is no doubt about it. A next step I have to work on will be wind. Yesterday I lost half a dozen strokes just because I was not able to handle the wind. For example. I am hitting an approach shot on the par 5 15th hole. Had a good drive, but was close to trees and could not go for it, although I only had 179 yards to the hole. So I had to lay up and put it within 80 yards. Pin placement was ideal to fly it over and spin it back with a GW 3/4. Considering the wind from behind I decided to swing even less then 3 /4 . I hit a solid shot and so it go up to high. Next thing I saw how it was caught by the wind and carried all the way to the back of the green, some 20 yards to long. Amazing. A SW would have been way enough. I had a super long downhill putt over a ridge, which I left short and had to settle for a bogey. This was one example of just not knowing exactly what club to pick. So I need to be out there in the wind and do some practice. Also some reading and talking to players. Just need a better feel and should work on lower ball flights on top of that. But whatever, I feel good and yesterday I actually had fun again and enjoyed my round of golf. Thank you to my supporters for making it happen :). Today we will post the custom fit head covers of a company who will support us as well. So in the evening, check out our commercial website for that info. Jeff does some great work and the head covers are hand painted. What else is new? Plenty, but I will close for now. There is work to do and I have to get my golf bag ready for practice. Still not our own branded bag. But we are working on that. Suggestions would be welcome in terms of where to get it. Complete Life Supplements

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