Sunday, March 24, 2013

Day 80 - Rained out of practice

With all the best intend, today I had to stay in. Thunderstorms and heavy rain was in the forecast. Considering where I am playing it made sense to stay in and work on other things, including some short game options. Never the less, I am ready to go tomorrow and play a good round of golf. That is the goal. the course is short but not easy. I played it several times and there was no chances done to it since then. So I am ready. Just need o warm up nicely and use the putting green to find the speed. Other then that, 11 am I am on the course going for it yet again :). Watched some golf today, did some online work. One by one getting hurdles out of the way and moving towards the goal we have in sight. I did find that age does play a little role in my approach. It seems like the body is not as easily to recover from practice or play. At first I was thinking it is all about weight. Which in a sense is true. Yet it is also about the right equipment, swing and how I approach the game in itself. My biggest exhaustion is most likely mentally based. It is a matter of practice. Practicing to rest my mind. In between shots, after the round or practice, after every shot. It is not an easy thing to do, but I get better at it all the time. Many times , I found out , that the thoughts you have about a shot, an issue or a situation on and off the golf course often have absolutely no impact on the outcome or plenty of impact on the same outcome. On the golf course, there is hundreds of possible outcomes for every shot and pretty much none of them under your real control. However, You can pick the best possible outcome and chose that for your current thought. Chances that it will be like it are increasing dramatically. Tomorrow my game plan is easy. I know how to hit a long straight drive, I know how to hit a good solid iron shot when approaching, I know how to chip relaxed and how to putt with confidence. The idea tomorrow will be to get the ball in a position of the tee so I have a shot at the middle of the green. Then go for the middle of the green and give myself chances for birdies, pars and saves. Also I will work on staying out of traps. That I will accomplish by doing adjustments while picking the club to play. So , I have a good game plan, I am in a good mental state and I am ready to do it. How good can it get. Also I am very thankful that I get the opportunity to play in the first place. Now, dinner and some more rest.

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