Saturday, March 23, 2013

Day 79 on my wayt to professional golf

Looks like it rained all night. Seems wet. Yet I will have a good practice session today. Later this afternoon. I have to pay attention to my body though. I can feel my feet again and also my shoulder a little. So I will keep it low and focus on short game shots for 90 minutes. That will do. It is not about doing a lot in short periods it is about doing it every day in different ways. After yesterdays round there is hope for more improvement. Also I got my new head covers from a friend. We will work together on sales and I will get some results there. It is a long term project. Got some input yesterday in regards to my goals. One of them was : Either you want it or do not. Act accordingly. Going for a goal like you do, does not allow you to dance on different parties. Stay focused, do not worry about things which are secondary. Although it is not clear all the way what all is secondary, my friend is absolutely right. Eat , sleep , play golf. That is what it should be. In my conversation I then mentioned that 80 % of conversations and actions are about money and that I am tired of that. He had a good answer to that. Forget it! Do not participate. Talk about golf, your goals. Whenever someone brings the discussion to money, go away unless it is something positive. Interesting. I hurt that before LOL. So I am continuing to just that. Keep the focus on the goal, the task and the dream. Keep away the thoughts of people who want to keep you from doing what you think is right, from people who's main concern is to try to talk you out of your dream, build a team of believers in the goal. All heard the before but it is nice to have an outside party confirming it yet again :). So this week I did good. My focus was on playing golf, working golf, building a golf business and not get side tracked by all kinds of time wasting activities, conversations and tasks. You are reading the inner most thoughts of someone who wants to make it, which at times might be offending, upsetting. But it is reality and that is what this is all about. My true thoughts, my true effort, my true approach to life. I have one shot at my dreams. So what do you think is important? Making right for people around me or making it right for me? I know the answer and you will have some time to think about it :) Ok, now off to get things done. Cleaning clubs, reorganizing the bag, clean shoes. But first. Have coffee and breakfast.

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