Thursday, March 21, 2013

Day 77 - Short game practice is the key

What a wonderful morning. Blue sky, sun is out and I am in good spirits. Also I am healthy. That in itself is a big bonus. Today there is 2 to 3 hours short game on the plan . Working on chipping, lob shot and sand trap. I will then finish with a bucket of drivers and hybrids. Time is short til Monday and I am aware that I can not catch up with the past weeks in a few days. But I can give it the best shot I have on Monday. I know I can play a good round of golf and that is what I intend to do with winning in mind. Remember Lee Trevino! In the afternoon my focus will be on work on line and getting my practice area and working area in order. I need to somehow find a better set up at home. Inside and outside. Really would need a practice green. I found some options, but will explore that later. Yesterday I emailed Annika Academy in Orlando. Annika Sorenstam is histories best female golfer. She offers some courses. Just was wondering what it would take to be there for 3 days , get instruction, a personal lesson and play 9 holes with her. Need to explore more options to get to the next level and also meet new people As part of the master plan including B&F and indoor golf, we need to expand our circle of friends and influence. Not meeting enough people, not going out enough to socialize and not spending enough time around events. This is a huge mistake business wise and privately. But that is a completely different story. Right now we have some coffee and a short breakfast. Then getting things ready for practice and off we go. I am excited. Excited about the plan and the goal. Also that I did some major changes in delegation within my team. I will do more of that , so I can do what I need to do. I will keep you updated.

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