Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Day 76 - Why should I practice in the rain?

The answer is simple, because we play in the rain as well LOL. Nick Faldo wrote in his book ( you can find it and buy at )that he went practice in rain, wind and whatever. Simply because tournaments are played in all conditions. This week is exciting. 100% focus on golf and golf only. That includes some work on the internet, but other wise I think, play, eat and sleep golf. Todays practice will be at Manatee Golf Course in Bradenton. You can find a review later on our webpage. Working on iron shots mainly. 6 irons , PW and so on. It is important to hit more GIR to give myself a chance to make birdies. Birdies are money and fun. So I will warm up with wedges, then hit mid irons. Before using the range, 30 minutes putting and 1 hour chipping. Possibly 30 minutes pitching. We will see. About 3 hours is planned today. Putting and chipping in the evening at home. Also working on sorting out golf items. Then work on blog, website and sponsor search as well as working on finding clothes and more. But I update that later. I feel great, spirits are good and I am working on some mental aspects. Despite what most think, golf is a full time job. There is no such thing as part time pro golf. It is either a full time job or you are not playing professional or at least are working on it. Did you find my Twitter pages yet? I will post links again soon so that everyone has the opportunity to be part of fun, deals and info. Pretty exciting. There is so much going on in golf. In general, in my attempt and in friends life. Getting ready to go play. Have a great day. Sinatra 468x60

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