Sunday, March 17, 2013

Day 74 - Sunday preparation for Monday tournament with plenty of more rest

Usually at Innisbrook, we could not be there today. So I will prepare myself for Monday. Biggest challenge: Focus and sand play. While the mental aspect can be worked on anywhere, bunker play requires, yes, a bunker. Because of transportation and timing this will be not possible today. At least it looks like it this morning. I got some ok sleep this night. The most important rest is not the night before the competition, but the night before the night. So again I am struggling to get the rest I need to be in shape and 100 % up to the challenge. It is not unlikely to have a nap can in between today. In any case. we will start out with a good breakfast and plan the day while having that. Short game practice is on the agenda as well as some rhythm practice. Also I will develop a game plan. The Founders Club is one of my favorite golf courses in the area. Love the lay out and most of the holes are favoring my left to ride ball flight. I know the greens well and the landscape gives comfort and a feel of being in a different World all together. I will use google earth as well as the yardage guide to develop a game plan, which then I will execute tomorrow. A good game plan is by far more important then a perfect swing. Knowing where to go and what is possible, playing the % and thinking every shot through is worth a ton. The rest of the day I will have to spend working trying to have something sold and get $. Not the ideal plan for a Sunday, but to be able to start with peace of mind tomorrow, things need to get done. Watched some golf yesterday. Interesting how players get around a tough course in different fashion.

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