Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Day 75 - Recap and better plan for practice

After a well needed night of sleep I am ready for a new day. I feel lucky that I got away from yesterdays round without a cold. I had not rain gear and no wind shirt and was exposed greatly to wet and cold. However, it seems like there is nothing I caught. Looking back, the round was disappointing. I finally had my driver under control to a point where I did not collect on single penalty stroke, hit some great fairways and put myself for the most part in position to hit the greens in regulation. Yet, I only hit 2 greens in regulation all day. My distance with that club was ok, not great, but ok and it is good to have an opportunity to get a good second shot. As a matter of fact, if I would have played from the back tees, the pro tees, I would have had a shot on the same holes as well. So the distance was good even in this conditions. My sand play turned out really well. I had two sand saves , best Number 10 , where I put my second shot in a fairway bunker. Out of the bunker I had a great 105 yard shot which landed nicely and then unbelievably bounced back into the green side bunker from which I had a great shot within 7 feet and then made the put with confidence. Also I was able to create some good back spin on my bunker shots. So I now I know, that the only reason why I am not consistent with that shot ,is the lack of daily play and practice. My irons were bad. No control for the mid irons at all. Wrong judgment with the short irons. This is a clear result of not playing every day, period. The wind, cold and wet as a problem for me only because of not enough playing experience. For example, on the shortest par 4s I had about 110 yards into the hole. Clear simple shots and yet I ended up with one double bogey and 1 bogey. Not acceptable and extremely frustrating. My putting was ok, but the greens were unknown territory to me. I have not putted on a green like that since the last WFGT tournament. The difference is significant. The greens are absolutely true. Meaning. You can have a 3 foot put which looks straight and there is an 8th of an inch raise before the hole giving it a right break and if you do not let it role, it will brake 1/8 of an inch before the hole, which on a regular green simply does not happen because of the grass. The greatest news about the West Florida Am Tour events is, that we are playing on golf courses which are prepared for a professional tour event. Meaning, the greens are cut and rolled to top speed, the pins are in the most difficult position possible and the all preparation is done so that the tour pros need to be exact. This is what makes me come back every time they play. Because it is a true challenge to my skill, even from the 2nd set of tees. right now I am not living up to this challenge at all. Yesterday I was struggling with my mental game yet again. It was an extremely stressful morning before the tournament round, a ride to there which had nothing to do with focus on golf and I had about 35 min to warm up. All of the three are not acceptable and somehow need to change. When I was on the first tee, my focus was not on winning. My focus was on keeping the ball in play after seeing my shots at the hasty warm up. It was difficult to even focus on the ball. Certainly it did not help that I played with a group which does not understand the etiquette of golf. Running around behind me when in my shot routine, yelling across the golf course while in my back swing, standing behind my target line and moving while I am swinging and get ready, moving constantly and without a break emerge in conversation about something, even when 10 seconds before shot. Even my bad shots got applause at times, which makes one irritated. Yes, I think that is tough conditions. But most importantly, I actually do not mind all of it, if I am able to focus. There was a time I was able to block out everything around me and focus on one single thing. Many years ago it was a table tennis ball and some time ago it was beginning to be a golf ball. As a result I have to say, that the most challenging part to me is not the golf swing in itself, but a. The lack of opportunity to play and practice b. the lack of my ability to focus at the task on hand and clear my mind of circumstances around me. I can turn it as I want and it comes down to the same things every single time. Which makes it clear that in order to reach the goal things further have to change and I have to create better circumstances for my work and tasks. This will require some major changes of thinking on my part. Also it will require to have a financial base which will make sure, that I am not constantly bombarded with this issue from waking up until evening in form of thinking, discussion, thinking about how to get things done. Additional sponsor ship and support will only be earned if I focus even more on this one goal. This is a lot to think about and I am sure I am not the only one working on all of the above. For now, I am getting ready and do what I like best, go practice and be on a range or golf course. Surely there is more to come :).

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