Thursday, March 14, 2013

Day 72 on my way to professional golf

What an early morning. 5 25 and I was up and running. Could not keep my eyes closed. I am excited. Excited about my upcoming day and about what we do. About the weekend at the Tampa Bay Open and in general about life. Still would need some sleep though. Starting putting my social media circle together a little more. One step at a time we are moving forward to build a sounds group, audience and friendship circles. This is fun and it is amazing how many friends and others are truly interested in what we do and support it. Only had one so far who gave some not wanted comments. Needless to say, it took only a minute to get rid of that one LOL. Today is a brand new day and the goal is to continue getting the Driver in shape as well as work on my putting. My putting cost me more then 10 strokes at each of the last two rounds. I am not talking about long birdie putts here. I am talking about putts of 8 feet or shorter. One birdie putt was maybe 6 feet. My lags are good and off green putting is getting much better and efficient. But what does it good, if I do not make putts within 10 feet more often and nail 6 footers at a higher percentage? Nothing! So I am doing short putts today. Hours of it. different settings etc. In preparation for Monday I am deciding today if I play Bobby Jones tomorrow or The Founders Club. For now my tendency is Bobby Jones. There is some money to be won, which could be used for a practice round on Saturday. Sunday we traditionally go see the PGA in Tampa. Not only is it fun to watch, but it actually helps your game and your mindset. We will see if we can do it. The perfect weekend would be. Play golf tomorrow at Bobby Jones, Play practice round at The Founders on Saturday Watch Tampa Bay Open on Sunday, win The Founders Club on Monday. Makes me smile thinking about this weekend LOL. Well we will see. Let me stick with my practice plan for today and continue to build my online presence to bring more support towards me. Still in search for sponsors and could use help with the search itself as well. So, input is welcome. In April we will be part of the Care2Tri Charity golf event at Heritage Oaks. For that , we seek sponsors who give items and prices for raffle and tournament, we seek players who would like to play this very private course and have fun. People who would like to support the community as players and or volunteer helpers. I am sure Stephanie could use some help. Check out the Care2Tri website and message me for info and dates. You will also find the dates in our Amateur Tournament Calendar at

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