Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Day 71 - First practice day after injury

The sun is out, I feel great. What a good day to start practice again. My first thought was to play a practice round for Monday. But we will see about that . For now it more looks like I will be going to Terra Ceia Golf and do short game and maybe a small bucket. That would be a good start. I did some chipping yesterday at home. Had a good feel and rhythm to it. So no complaints right there. Foot feels great and I feel confident that I am good to go. I wish I could play Friday and walk the course, but I am not sure if this is possible as of now. We well see and work with things as they come along. The practice goal today is short game. Although I feel good, I have to start all over again yet again. Every time I have a practice or playing brake of more then a few days it is a new start. That is happening until a certainly level of play is reached. It is like in table tennis. Some might know , that I was a top play for a while. This did not come along because I was the talent of the year, but because I worked very hard and practiced every single day for hours, for a long period of time. Whenever I go to a table right now, I am able to play 80 % or more of my ability without practicing one single minute. Why? I have it in my blood, my hands, my head. My muscle memory is there and will never go away again. In golf I am not there yet. Interruptions of play an the constant interference on a psychological level did not allow me yet to get to this point. This point is reachable. Pretty much every professional has reached that point. It makes a big difference. You then can take longer periods of time off and yet come back and be ready in a very short period of time to play your potential. Just like in table tennis, where I can a much higher level in a couple of weeks, by simply playing every day. I am happy with my short game. Also with my iron game and woods. There is no flaw really. My flow is to put it together. When looking at my scores, I clearly see going backwards. My scores get worse. That for many might be a frustrating thing and I it is not good for me either. But I know, that it is a temporary situation. I am able to shot great scores at any time. But I am rambling. Fact is, that I am ready to practice and am excited. Looking forward to hopefully play Friday and a practice round Sunday to be ready for Monday. Right now none of it is set in stone. But we work on it.

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