Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Day 70 - practice in rain?

Work up to plenty of rain this morning. That is a good thing, because we need the rain for our plants and reserves. Also I like the rain because it sounds nice and looks good. Kind of reminds me on my time in Seattle, WA where I spend most of my time in the USA and which I would call my home town. On the other hand, it surely does not help with my practice. The plan was to be out there late morning and it does not look like I will be. The time window to do it was tiny and it closed already. So I am bound to the office yet again. Which is not a big problem, because there is tons of things to be done. Pretty much all of them should not be done by me, but have to at this point and so they will be. Also I will do extensive putting and chipping, which I can do indoor in my practice area. At least I can work on feeling and routine. that is worth plenty. It is about 1 months before I can seriously can move on. For that I am preparing a very good plan. Which includes daily play and practice, some exercise and some adjustments or add on items to my food diet. Also some changes still have to be made in terms of equipment, clothes. A clear image, message and goal needs to be formulated and then put out on my websites. The great news is, that all of the readers of my blog get much information before anyone else. Meaning, you are so close to what I do, that you even learn about things while I am still thinking about them before I actually put them into action. Being a golf professional by far is more then just playing and competing. Playing pros have a wide range of responsibilities. They are business men and women, they are charity supporters, community leaders and more. They create a little world on their own for a purpose. This purpose being to give back. In all kinds of ways. The role model function is also a factor. However, I disagree in many ways to what a role model should be. The definition of role model: A person who serves as a model in a particular behavioral or social role for another person to emulate. I read that many times, there is absolutely no word about what exactly this person has to do, needs to be, has to follow or to show. That is where most people make a big mistake. They assume that someone is a good role model based on wrong facts. Based on society opinion of a culture or country for example. What could be a role model to one , might not be for another. So there is a challenge. The great news is, that for myself, I have a clear vision of who I am, who I can be and what I represent. To many that is not exactly role model stuff. But that matters little. So that is what we work on. Today I work on sponsor ship for communication and clothes. Let us wee what we can get done in that matter. Secondly working on sales. There was no sale yesterday, which is a big challenge, but then again little to what will come ahead and could be ahead :) . If I would be 100 % fit I would go practice Nick Faldo wrote in his book : A swing for Life That he always went on the range. In wind and in rain. Simply because tournament golf will not stop because it is raining or it is windy and so he could practice distances and shots in those conditions. If I would have rain gear, which I do not, a little more time and be of 100 % good health, this would be the right thing to do and I feel sad that I can not. But just because I can not do what needs to be done, does not mean I have to feel sad every day now. Just got to get things right. So until later and thank you for all the support and positive wishes.

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