Monday, March 11, 2013

Day 70 - fighting to keep going

Ready for another week. Best news of the day. My foot feels great. No swelling, no hurting. Yet, I will give it one more day before I go on the range. I would not have had time today anyway. There is too much to do. Some major things need to happen in our favor. So I am writing, posting, talking, calling. The urgency to get some sales or anything was overdue last week, so this week is all about funding and finding some peace. Sounds all horrible? Well, that it is not. But it is unsettling. This issue does not go away and causes lots of tension. Today I will spend some time putting , but no swinging and hitting balls. I will give it one more day before doing a little and then work my way up this week. I have a week to get in shape for the next competition. Friday will be taken of the list yet again. Budget cuts, just like our home country LOL. Most of the day today again will be the attempt to raise funds. This time not for golf, but for surviving ( not in a sense of dying!) , but in a sense of keeping things gong at home. Surely most of you know how that is. I do not feel of it as a bad thing. But it takes away from other things, like practice, resting time, peace of mind and so on. So todays mission is to sell. We have several things which need to go today. I have some golf certificates in Europe, which are from an exclusive course on Mallorca. You can get them for buy 1 get one free from me. Great deal. You can save 90 Euros or more on that sale. There is more and I will post it later. Not so much for the all who read, but maybe for someone you know. Besides selling I will work on the usual as I do every day and make some calls, which I did not do all weekend while resting. Also try to keep working on some extra work around a golf course, some advertising and surely I have to make calls which are not that fun, but those I will not lay out here :). So , wait for the items which I want to put out there and then for the report on putting. After seeing Tiger put like a machine, it confirms how important putting is .

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