Saturday, March 9, 2013

Day 68 to professional golf

After a long , mostly sleepless night I am back on the chair. The pain this ankle is causing is amazing. So I guess, back to just sitting and taking care of it. With all things on top of that, this night was one of the shortest in weeks. Fact is , that with that kind of rest, performance is obsolete.
Today will be yet another online working day. Writing, sending, reviewing, commenting, discussing , advertising and whatever it takes to move forward. Progress is the word and in the mast days we made little to none.
Looks lke a nice day out and I look forward to see the PGA Tour compete. Wonder if John is on the course already in Puerto Rico. I am sure it is nice there right now. I will update throughout the day on what is happening. It is amazing. It is actually comforting to share thoughts and work with viewers. Somehow it works like a channel to voice opinion, concerns, worries and joy. More comments, involvement and discussion would be welcome though. There is no harm to be done when writing. With close to 3000 page views I know there is plenty of viewers following. Probably feeling with or for me :).
Despite all the challenges, I have to emphasize, that I think this is all very exciting. The goal is huge and the way long. Our situation difficult and stressful. But yet, compared to other people, we live in comfort and safety. While it is upsetting to have financial challenges, it is nothing compared to what people around us face. So at times, it is a matter of putting things in perspective. I have some pain, but I am able to walk, talk and am healthy. Could we lose some luxury? Sure, but what is luxury? The mere fact that we have fresh water running from a faucet is for many not only luxury, but a lottery win. So, in a sense I am not happy with myself to lose sleep over certain things. At the same time, this is important as well. So you see, the daily struggle to move forward towards my goals is not limited to practice, getting the right advise, equipment. It is also about having this at home in order, thinking about the right things and trying to find priorities which define the purpose. Ok, now that is getting too deep LOL . But the purpose of a blog is just that. That one or more people talk about their passion in their most intimate and honest way. That is , what makes it exciting.
Wouldn't you be part of my celebration when I enter my first professional tournament ? Or if I finish in my first top 25 or top 10? Sure you would. But in order to feel that, you will have to feel the stress, pain and challenges we are facing here every day.
 Sometimes as simple as being able to go shopping.
Ok, now I feel better. Sharing is a great tool. Coffee is in on the list. I am sure I get into all that more at a later time today or along the way.

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