Thursday, March 7, 2013

Day 66

Up and running. Well, running would be the wrong word. My right food is not swollen anymore, but it hurts walking.
Yesterdays tournament was a good experience. The course we played on is a very private club course, where public play is practically is none existent. That was the main reason I actually played there yesterday. And what an experience it was.
The course is build to be a similar track like in Scotland or Ireland A public links course with double greens, no real bunkers but lots of sand, wide fairways, huge greens which are mighty fast. Plenty of wind blowing at all times. First I thought I would not be able to play. After my practice the day bfore, I woke up with a hurting ankle which hindered me to walk normally and I was afraid to turn. But,
after thinking about it, I still was able to swing a club and felt otherwise good. Imagine, I am on a tour event, fees are paid, weather is good and it is a one day event. I thought about it , made a good evaluation of the situation an decided to play and experience the course and its conditions.
On the way to the location I got lost already. After getting to another course of this country club , I was send to the correct location, where I arrived just in time to tee off with my group. No warm up, no putting no nothing. That is not good, but I was able to work with it.
My first hole was a flop and double bogey. Second one was better and then I played a decent front 9. Considering the fact, that I pretty much could not walk or turn or weight shift , I was happy. Had good drives, so the practice paid off and most important, my 3 hybrid was first class. I had good control over it.
My putting was good and I made important putts. Only the one hole I was disappointed. A par 5 where I hit a great drive, a good second into the wind and them put it within 10 feet for a birdie putt, but ended up with a 7 after 4 putting this hole. Sounds horrible and it was, but yet, the greens and the wind were like that. I am glad to have made in the hole in the end LOL. had one birdie on the front nine, which was a good one. 167 par 3 into the wind. Had a great shot and made a good putt from about 12 fee.
Second 9 was a different game. My right food was swollen by then and I hardly good walk without pain. So it was difficult to stay in focus. But I did for the most part. Driver was still ok. Only missed 2 drives, which on that course is not as bad of a thing. Hitting shots of the fairway was difficult, because of my stands. But I managed to get around. My putting was not as good as on the front, but I made a couple important putts. I think a par 4 was the most interesting and best hole. Hit a good drive and ended up in the sand with about 130 in. Hit a second shot, which ended up in the left green side bunker. Hit a great sand shot making it roll towards the green only to stop 8 feet from the hole and then made the putt for par. What a save. I was excited about that hole, because it clearly showed that I am able to hit those shots.
In the end the score was not great. However, I was satisfied with my ability to deal with the situation, with my driver, hybrid play and putting. I am without a doubt able to play great golf, given the right circumstances. I had fun and played with some good and nice players. Collected good experience for my strong wind play.
So this time I could take home plenty of positive thoughts form this round. The biggest thing which is not that great is my foot. When I got home , it was swollen and blue and it hurt bad. The sun burned me and all I could do was lay down and rest. We cooled it and I took pain killers. It was a long night with pain, but it got better and today , I still can not walk good, but the pain is less. So , one day rest and work at home. That needs to be worked on. If I want to play 2, 3 and 4 day tournaments, I need to be in better shape and better prepared. But for now , that is how it is .
Not sure if I can play tomorrow at Bobby Jones. I might have to skip this round one more time. Not to happy about that. 1. For the play , 2 . for the company and 3. because I would meet the business owner who is willing to work with me in terms of sales and golf.
The biggest and most heavy concern I am dealing with remains the finance part of my project.  We made one step forward, which is exciting, but it is only one step and every day is still uncertain. This weighs heavily. 20 years ago I would have said: Oh well, whatever, no problem. But in this age, things are different :) .
ok. now back to work. There is plenty of things to do online and on the phone. No practice today.

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