Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Day 65

It is windy and it rained. Does not seem to be cold. This will be interesting today. I am looking forward. My ankle is hurting again. When I go practice for long periods I seem to have some challenges. Not that I feel it while working, but after the fact. I think I will be ok. Luckily I do not have to walk much today. We can ride. I am not sure if I would walk the course today though. Tee time is  9 50 am. Not to bad. They do not have a range on that course. but in light of the fact that I have a hurting foot, I think it is best just to play. I feel good otherwise and yesterday the rhythm was good.
If this would be a 4 day tournament for good price money , it would be a different story. But it is a skins game with bout 15 people. Ok price money, but mostly experience to compete against great players on a great golf course.
Off for some coffee and then getting my mind set for the match. Just think of Lee Treevino and play the game. Not there to dance around, but to win. Shoot birdies.
Great news though. A new company agreed to look at working together. Giving me some items in turn for % of sales. Not a big contract, but every dime helps right now to keep going. It will not pay the bills, which is my biggest challenge, but it will help save some money and supplement a few dollars. When beginning in a smaller set up, you have to work with things. I am learning how to do that.

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