Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Day 64

Another cold morning. But, the sun is out , the sky is blue and the spirit is high. Ready for practice this morning. I am excited. Despite everything, I will go for a good and concentrated session to Manatee Golf Course. Main goal. Tee off and long irons. In order to get a chance to score, the tee off needs to be of good length and more important, in the fairway. After tomorrows round I can do the stats chart and will actually see my entire numbers for the first time.
Meanwhile I will work on my driver today. Second on the agenda is my 3 hybrid, followed by my 5 and 6 iron. I will do short irons for warm up. But I do feel comfortable with those and will not spend to much time on that.

Second stage will be chipping around the green. Just a few reinforcements from the weekend. Mostly SW and PW. The game plan is simple. Go back to the PW whenever possible  and use the Stricker technique ( as I call it) to get the chips close.

Last I spend some time on the putting green. The greens tomorrow will be fast. Which I am not used to because of my lack of practice on comparable greens. My mat at home has a 10 to 11. they might be faster tomorrow. So I will focus on distance today. The greens at Manatee Golf are not alwas as fast, but at times they do a good job. We will see. So , the plan stands.

In the afternoon, if I can manage , I will go to Terra Ceia Golf and do 200 chips and pitches, just for the feel and might add a few sand shots. My bunker game was horrible the last few round and cost me strokes and money. 

Todays work will be easy. Morning consists of writing and some phone calls. During the day I have to do some online class to learn about advertising. This will be interesting and important for my set up. Evening writing reviews and sending emails trying to raise funds for the upcoming half year.

So a full day. Key is to block out the things which are stressful and not as pleasant. Things that do not help the goal and important task. This is the hardest part today, but it will have to work. Otherwise all other work is for nothing and I am working for a lost cause.

I will let you know about the results of this day or what is happening throughout the same.

Enjoy your day as well.

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