Monday, March 4, 2013

Day 63

Up early. Absolutely no way to find any rest or sleep. I guess that is part of the deal when you try to make it happen. It is another very cold day here in FL. However, I will do my practice session in the afternoon. Looking at the weather fore cast I am freezing already. Need to work all morning and get things done. Hope that I am not to tired to get a good session in. Will do some major changes in business set up today and also privately. Costs need to be shaved and power redirected. Worked all afternoon on my review website and hope to launch it later today. Depending on how I can put another 5 or 6 reviews on it. Then we will take it from there. Not sure if I can put in the practice round at Lakewood Ranch. Same reasoning yet again. But we will see. In any case it is a godo thing to be on the starting list and compete under high end and professional conditions. Remember, we urgently seek further sponsors and supporters. This could be in any form possible. If you have interest in joining my team and learn how to actually get financial benefit our of it, please contact me through my email. Ok, off into the day :) .

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