Sunday, March 3, 2013

Day 62

It is freezing outside. But the sun is out and the sky is blue. I am rested for the first time in days. Great feeling. Start the day with a hot and good coffee and take care of some reading. I am so motivated. Next weeks tournament is all set and done and I can focus on getting ready. This particular tournament with the West Florida Am Tour is mostly for the purpose of staying in the mode of playing real golf courses. Meaning, long , difficult and in shape tracks. Without practice every day, chances to win tournaments are slim. Which does not mean, that I do not believe I can win my division. If I would not believe I can win, I would not enter a single tournament. It just has to be realistic. I am excited also about the fact that my custom golf tees are on the way. This is great. No more advertising other companies. Soon we advertise our business, our passion. Things are taking shape and it feels great. The excitement will spill over to others soon. No doubt. So what is the plan today. 2 hours short game practice. Chipping and pitching. Still working on getting the drive where it belongs, I end up around the green with my second shot more often then on the green at times. That means, I have to be able to get the 3rd shot within in 6 feet to get up and down for a par. So, chipping and pitching as well as bunker play are crucial. I am happy to report, that I am not often in bunkers and the fairway bunkers are one of my strength. 150 yard and in I do not seem to have trouble often to get the ball on the green from a bunker. Funny, that I at times struggle with distance form bunkers around the green. Oh well, practice will take care of it. Besides short game I will continue Fridays work on the driver. It looked good and straight and had good average distance. I need to focus on teeing it up consistently. It seems that my ball flight differs in height to often. I want to get good hang time but at the same time hang time is no good if the ball does not move forward. I also need to remind myself, that on great courses in good weather I actually do get roll, which at times was 20 and 30 yards and even more. Still do not have my 21 degree club. I am playing a borrowed club, which works great and is one of the best in my bag at this point. But next week I will go try clubs at different stores and shops, so I am ready for the next tournament at the end of the month. Further I will do some mental practice today. This sounds funny, but actually will help to stay focus, which seems to be a challenge of mine at times. Last, we work on writing and posting and editing on the website. Writing reviews about products, courses, shops and more. That is part of the business as well. Peace of mind is such a helpful tool when working on making something happen and an asset which is worth to work for to have it.

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