Saturday, March 2, 2013

Day 61

Because of some work which did not get done yesterday we forcefully had to spend another day in Ft. Myers to finish the job. Does not sound like it has a big impact and it does not. But it does have some impact. The time planned for short game practice today will probably be used for something else. Need to get some contracts done and then have a long drive to Bradenton. However, I still have opportunity to work on my game and goal. There is some putting I can do and some chipping at home. Both work and help. Also I can do my swings, which also helps for rhythm. So tomorrow we have more time for practice and then Monday and Tuesday a practice round and even more practice. I came to the conclusion, that whatever happens, I need to take a club in my hand every day and feel it. Touch a ball, read the golf news, remind myself on the task and make sure not to forget and get side tracked. A very close friend and supporter keeps reminding me, that I should not get side tracked and she is 100 % right. I am easily side tracked and it is always for the wrong reason. So I need to practice that . Goes hand in hand with my practice for mental strength. Not loosing sight of the goal and priorities. One of the great aspects of any successful golfer is, that after a bad round, bad experience, troubles in life or whatever, they are able to come back inn focus. Focus on what is important to them. They have a clear goal, a purpose. I begin to have mine more defined and will keep working on that. Wonder how Tiger is doing today. He is next to last in the tournament. You might say: That is not good. And you are right. But at the same time you need to understand, that many top players did not even make the cut, but Tiger did. Tiger even in his worst mode is able to make something happen. Not always, but most of the time and that makes the difference. More to come later. Today I have plenty of thoughts LOL. Do not forget to visit my websites for updates on tournaments and other stuff. Thank you for stopping by and being part of this journey.

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