Friday, March 1, 2013

Day 60

A friend and successful business man once told me that it is most important to think about how to use time. Making sure it is productive towards the or a goal. He is absolutely right. When thinking about the days I am spending I have to say, that 60 % of my time is not used the way it should and could be and certainly not most productive. I will keep working on it day by day. Today where will again not be much opportunity to go practice. Another day lost, which results in a new start yet again tomorrow when going to Terra Ceia Golf Club to keep working on my short game and new swing. I get an opportunity to test the new swing again on March 6th. After successfully using it yesterday on the range, I am hopeful that there will be progress. The rest of the day today we will yet again work and be on the road again. Based on the new plan suggested by one of my supporters, I should be able to stop thinking how to make it through the months and focus on golf soon. This months might be still a little bit shaky, but we will make it and I will try to keep my focus. Remember me talking about Steve Jobs, talking about looking at the mirror every morning and asking yourself if you think it is good and right what you do every morning? I answered this question with no for to many days now. So, we need to change the plan. Today, only admin progress towards to the goal.

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