Saturday, March 23, 2013

Bobby Jones Golf Recap

Coming home late yesterday I had a friend with me and so I could not update on the round I played. In all, I am very satisfied with my progress I was able to get out of some good practice this week. My score not being very good yet, I shot an 84, my main concern was not the score in the first place. I wanted to shot birdies, because birdies mean money. But first I wanted to play good golf and for 80 % of the round I actually did. As overview I can say that my drives where good, average of 250 and almost all of them in the fairway. My approach shots got better and althought still short on some, I was able to put it on the green or close by. My bunker game improved dramatically. I was in 3 bunkers, made one up and down and two bogeys, which is extremely better then last time, my chipping is good, putting was good and last my hybrids were ok as well. Looking at the round I had some incredible shots in situations where skill is the key. On the 1st hole I missed the fairway right and had not shot to the green. So I went left trying to clear ditch to a different part of the fairway, which resulted in my ball being in the hazard, but dry. I was able to put it on the green from there with a 120 yard shot gripping down, bad stance. Very nicely executed. Gave myself opportunities for birdies, but only made 1. I think the worst two holes were number 16. With my approach shot I was 25 feet from the hole on the fringe and ended up with bogey. A similar deal was on 15. It might have been fatigue. Best shot of the day was on 18. Had a 240 drive, which was a miss hit. I thought about getting the ball in there and make birdie for some skin $. Felt like a great swing and was right at the flag. The grass was a little high, so there was little spin on that one. The other players were yelling at the ball to go in. It landed and rolled towards the hole, where I lost sight of it. when I got to the green I was about 20 feet behind the hole just of the fringe. I did a two put for birdie, which is always good on that hole. While walking to the club house there was a spectator who I knew and he said high. He then proceeded to ask me how close I was to the hole when the ball landed? I told him I saw it land and run towards the hole and lost it. He told me that it actually hopped over the hole, missing the flag stag just so, that it ran over the left site maybe even touching the stick a little. Almost holed out for an eagle. Put a big smile on my face and every bodies face and it makes you feel good. Those are the shots which bring you back and they become more often. I had a similar shot years ago on Madeira, Portugal. I walked up to the number 1 green and people from the next tee told me that my ball actually landed in the cup and jumped out. btw, I made the birdie there :). I can take away plenty of positive things and feel like I am on track. It is really true. When I block out everything around me, work , finances and whatever, I am able to focus and move forward. On a short note I have to say that my feet hurt a little. But I am not sure what that is a result off and will not elaborate in this post. The next one is around the corner. It was a good round, with good people on an ok course.

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