Saturday, March 30, 2013

Back on track

I am back. The past few days I was a little slow with writing. There was so much to do. The great news is, that practice pays off and I did a lot of that. Still not enough, but I did 2 hours a day. Beginning Wednesday. Worked on my short irons and my mid irons. Hitting wedges and 6 irons. The improvement is good. I like it. Still a little struggling with my hybrid at times, but overall lots of progress in the past 7 days. Yesterday I played at Bobby Jones Golf Complex yesterday. Drives were mostly good and long, irons are good, chipping was on track. Putting was not to great. I lost plenty of shots there. They prepared the greens for the championship next week and they were fast. Much faster then usual and I had a hard time to adjust. Just did not expect that. Took me 9 holes to get that in order. Had some great pars and a good birdie Best was the driver. On par 5 I almost reached again. But in all honesty, it is actually a long par 4. So my birdie was a par in my mind. Great shots. My LW did work out fine for the first time in ages. Biggest challenge was my mental game. I had a really hard time to ge my mind set straight and I am sure I lost shots because of that. Again putting for birdie and end up with bogey. That is not acceptable. But , the fact is, that my driver and all other shots are improving. I am still trying to get used to my new set up and swing plane. It is not easy, but it is so worth it. I gained distance and have more spin, which allows me to attack some pins. My driver average is up to 250. Had a couple at 290 and a few at 240. Little wild at times. But at least I give myself opportunities. Best shot of the day. After a drive over the trees on number 7 my ball ended up just in the hazard. But I could play it with a downhill lie, 166 yards, lots of it water and over some trees with another hazard behind. It was either chipping out or going for the green. I took the chance and made it. Just on the edge of the green. Putting for birdie. But what can I say. I had a 3 putt yet again. But the shot was great. There was many great shots, if I can put the together , I might be on track to play par again in a few months. I remember those times with a smile and I am determined to get back to it. It is just a matter of time. My new approach in terms of what I do and think works great. I am pretty much not worried about anything and not interested in most things other then golf. That works well for me and my game improves. Monday we will be at Sarabay Country Club and I am excited about it. I played some great rounds there, but also some tough rounds. This course has some small greens, which are fast and do not allow for much error at all. So the key will be to get this driver out there and play irons in to the green. I know I can do it. Tomorrow we do short game 300 wedges between 50 and 120 topped of with 20 drives and a dozen hybrid shots. I am excited. Next week I meet with a company owner which I might be able to represent his business. This is exciting. Finally a nother team partner who might jump on. It is absolutely true that results would help. But in all honesty, once I get results, I will not go back to some of the sponsors the same way I did now. Then the cost will go up and the percentage of all income down :) . I mean, you heard the sentence I am sure : Oh , I join your team, come back when you made it . LOL, LOL. I always think that is funny. Why would I come back to them after making it and being successful. There is some funny people out there. Our website is on the back burner, but we will see that we get more done again. There is only so much time in a day. Still seeking volunteers as well. Message me for information.

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