Saturday, March 16, 2013

A round of golf at Bobby Jones Golf in Sarasota

Yesterday I played a good round of golf. There was some incredible shots. My score might not have been the best, but that is a result of not playing enough. My first hole started out very interesting. I had a good drive. However, the fairways were dry and so it rolled towards the ditch which divides the fairway. Lucky for me it did not reach the water, but was sitting on some grass in the ditch on a down slope. I decided to give a go because I had a rock showing out of the water on which I found a good stand for my left food. I picked my PW to move the ball forward. That was the only mistake I made. I hit clear into the bank where it disappeared in the mud. A SW would have been the right choice. I took the drop and had 167 to the pin, into the wind slightly uphill. I made solid contact and flew passed the pin and got a bad bounce over the green into some rough. My next shot was a pitch for bogey, which I thought I should make. Took my LW walked up to the pin to look for a landing area. Then gave it a good stroke for a lob. I felt great and looked nice and I thought this is good, even for a double that shot is good. But people got excited and were getting louder. So I walked up and did not see my ball, just to find out, that I actually holed it out. What a great shot, what a lucky outcome. This was a nice start and a great bogey. This is why we play. From there on it was a good round. Hybrid works great, 6 iron is in good shape, drives were fine, but need to be worked on. Putting was good. My biggest challenge were sand shots. I lost about 8 strokes because of my sand play. That is bad LOL. One more hole to mention is number 7. A dog leg right. Tough tee shot if you want a short iron in . So I gave it a right aiming over the trees to get within 130 or so. I really got ahold of that one. When I walked up and measured I had 111 yards left. What a drive. Into the wind, pin in the bag in front of the bushes and ditch. I decided to go for a close one and took a good swing at it, which I thought was a miss hit. Again I was wrong. It came out nicely and with some back spin I made it stop about 12 to 15 feet to the pin, up hill put. Straight. In my mind I though: Make sure you get it there. I did my routine and when I touched the ball I knew right away, that this will go in. Ever had this feeling? There was no doubt and it held up for a skin in the end. There was many other great shots and some really strange shots. But I think it was good for the amount of play I get and I am looking forward to Monday when I play The Founders Club. I am excited what is to come and I love it when I get to play. This is where I feel great. Today is some practice , but mostly rest and then work on our websites. A great day with great people it was :). I am thankful that I can do what I do.

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