Saturday, March 30, 2013

Back on track

I am back. The past few days I was a little slow with writing. There was so much to do. The great news is, that practice pays off and I did a lot of that. Still not enough, but I did 2 hours a day. Beginning Wednesday. Worked on my short irons and my mid irons. Hitting wedges and 6 irons. The improvement is good. I like it. Still a little struggling with my hybrid at times, but overall lots of progress in the past 7 days. Yesterday I played at Bobby Jones Golf Complex yesterday. Drives were mostly good and long, irons are good, chipping was on track. Putting was not to great. I lost plenty of shots there. They prepared the greens for the championship next week and they were fast. Much faster then usual and I had a hard time to adjust. Just did not expect that. Took me 9 holes to get that in order. Had some great pars and a good birdie Best was the driver. On par 5 I almost reached again. But in all honesty, it is actually a long par 4. So my birdie was a par in my mind. Great shots. My LW did work out fine for the first time in ages. Biggest challenge was my mental game. I had a really hard time to ge my mind set straight and I am sure I lost shots because of that. Again putting for birdie and end up with bogey. That is not acceptable. But , the fact is, that my driver and all other shots are improving. I am still trying to get used to my new set up and swing plane. It is not easy, but it is so worth it. I gained distance and have more spin, which allows me to attack some pins. My driver average is up to 250. Had a couple at 290 and a few at 240. Little wild at times. But at least I give myself opportunities. Best shot of the day. After a drive over the trees on number 7 my ball ended up just in the hazard. But I could play it with a downhill lie, 166 yards, lots of it water and over some trees with another hazard behind. It was either chipping out or going for the green. I took the chance and made it. Just on the edge of the green. Putting for birdie. But what can I say. I had a 3 putt yet again. But the shot was great. There was many great shots, if I can put the together , I might be on track to play par again in a few months. I remember those times with a smile and I am determined to get back to it. It is just a matter of time. My new approach in terms of what I do and think works great. I am pretty much not worried about anything and not interested in most things other then golf. That works well for me and my game improves. Monday we will be at Sarabay Country Club and I am excited about it. I played some great rounds there, but also some tough rounds. This course has some small greens, which are fast and do not allow for much error at all. So the key will be to get this driver out there and play irons in to the green. I know I can do it. Tomorrow we do short game 300 wedges between 50 and 120 topped of with 20 drives and a dozen hybrid shots. I am excited. Next week I meet with a company owner which I might be able to represent his business. This is exciting. Finally a nother team partner who might jump on. It is absolutely true that results would help. But in all honesty, once I get results, I will not go back to some of the sponsors the same way I did now. Then the cost will go up and the percentage of all income down :) . I mean, you heard the sentence I am sure : Oh , I join your team, come back when you made it . LOL, LOL. I always think that is funny. Why would I come back to them after making it and being successful. There is some funny people out there. Our website is on the back burner, but we will see that we get more done again. There is only so much time in a day. Still seeking volunteers as well. Message me for information.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Day 83 - working on short game, a key to score

Another not so warm day today. Nevertheless 2 hour practice on the agenda. Terra Ceia Bay Driving range. Not that best balls. But when I go for short game I bring my own balls. Warming up with 45 PW shots , different distances. The green is not in great shape so developing more feel and working on my set up was the goal. Did well. According to PGA tour statistics. When a PGA player is within 10 yards of the hole they averaged 3 foot 7 inches with their chip. I have about 65 % of my shots within 3 feet. At times 80. Now the green on that range is not in great shape and a little slower now. So I can not work much on the outcome but work on feel. 3 feet is the goal from wherever I chip. Next we did the same amount of shots with the SW. This time to approach closer targets and with obstacles in front of me. Did ok. Not 100 % satisfied with all shots, so I need to get back on that one. 3rd part of short game was 5 stations with about 10 balls. A. lie behind tree or close to tree and hit LW to a tugged pin. Including a few draw shots. B. Downhill and side hill lie. This time SW. C. Uphill lie over mount from bad lies like ground or divot D. Firm ground uneven lie with SW, some of them downhill lie again E. Lob shot from behind the green with LW and SW. Did well. But there is plenty of room for improvement. That concluded my goal for today. Worked on my set up and spin. To relax I hit a bout 6 bunker shots. Not happy with that. this bunker is strange to say the list, but I got it out and towards my target. Last, 40 woods just to stay in touch with my inner rhythm. Driver was excellent, hybrid very good and 3 wood ok. Overall, a good practice day and I accomplished my set up goal, which I will work on over the next weeks. Tomorrow we are back on wedges and mid irons. This is all a long process. I changed a few fundamental things in my swing. Including weight distribution, upper body at set up, take away beginning of down swing. After 20 years, that is a huge change, but it needs to be done to gain a little more distance and accuracy. A little later I will do some putting and maybe some pitching at home. If every session from now on can be productive I am excited. I do not have enough feedback yet. Need to use my video cam more often and I still do not have the swing analyzer, which I think would be of great help. Even if I believe it is possible to do without, it is a great tool to make things easier and speed them up. If I would be 21 I would not spend any time thinking about that at all, but I am not.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Practice in cold weather in Florida

Yes it was cold, very cold. Also it was windy. Ideal to practice. Which I did for 2 hours. First I worked on 90 chip shots. Short and medium length. It is beyond me, why I can not put them on as close when I play. I have a good feel, good speed. The argument that it is about the greens, is simply wrong. After that I did about 50 lob shots over the bunker. It was tough to get them under control with all the wind. But the goal was to actually put them on the green within 10 feet or so. For the most part I did accomplish that. Next I was hitting wedges into the wind. 50 yards, 78 yards, 101 yards and 130 yards. Interesting how the wind works against you. However, I was able to get the shorter distances under control after a while and then was hitting for large greens. Middle of the green to be exact. Felt good and it seemed that I made progress. One big issue to be worked on today was to clear the way for my swing and open up. At the same time to slow down my swing and let my right hand give more power. I used to hit a PW 120 to 140 with a much easier swing it seems. So I am not sure I understand why I am so tremendously short. Not that it matters, but a little more distance would be nice :). I did not hit any driver or wood. My driver worked well yesterday and I was hitting fairways with good average distance. So we work on that tomorrow again. I was frozen then and called it a day. There is more time to putt and chip today at my home practice area. Looking for more practice options at home. Any suggestions?

Day 82 - Practice makes perfect

Although perfect is not exactly true, it makes better. Over the past 2 months my golf game went sour and it was a tough test. It is never easy when you were shooting 70s consistently at one point in your life, then falling back into a hole, coming back out and on the way to get better and then fall again. The great news is, that I could fall all day and year and I still know that I can do it! Once you shot a certainly level, you can always get back. Maybe things are different now, because of age and so on. But the mind is still there. The best example is my bunker play. It went away totally and I at times was not even getting out of the trap. After very hard practice I am back and for the past 7 days am back hitting good, not great, but good bunker shots. My driver was good. Average drive was acceptable and I was on target. So today I work on Jack Nicklaus rhythm drills as well as LW shots from uneven and difficult lies. 3 hours practice on the agenda today. Working my way back to full time golf. One day at a time, one step at a time, one hour at a time. It will be exciting to sit down with my team at the end of September and see where we are at. I am 100 % positive, that we will be very close to where I want to go. There is no doubt about it. A next step I have to work on will be wind. Yesterday I lost half a dozen strokes just because I was not able to handle the wind. For example. I am hitting an approach shot on the par 5 15th hole. Had a good drive, but was close to trees and could not go for it, although I only had 179 yards to the hole. So I had to lay up and put it within 80 yards. Pin placement was ideal to fly it over and spin it back with a GW 3/4. Considering the wind from behind I decided to swing even less then 3 /4 . I hit a solid shot and so it go up to high. Next thing I saw how it was caught by the wind and carried all the way to the back of the green, some 20 yards to long. Amazing. A SW would have been way enough. I had a super long downhill putt over a ridge, which I left short and had to settle for a bogey. This was one example of just not knowing exactly what club to pick. So I need to be out there in the wind and do some practice. Also some reading and talking to players. Just need a better feel and should work on lower ball flights on top of that. But whatever, I feel good and yesterday I actually had fun again and enjoyed my round of golf. Thank you to my supporters for making it happen :). Today we will post the custom fit head covers of a company who will support us as well. So in the evening, check out our commercial website for that info. Jeff does some great work and the head covers are hand painted. What else is new? Plenty, but I will close for now. There is work to do and I have to get my golf bag ready for practice. Still not our own branded bag. But we are working on that. Suggestions would be welcome in terms of where to get it. Complete Life Supplements

Monday, March 25, 2013

Playing golf at Bradenton Country Club

Finally I can see that I am back playing golf, not chasing a ball. Again not usual scoring. However, I only missed 2 fairways with my driver and had good average. My approach shots were a little all over. Just could not get a feel for the wind. However, on the front nine I had two great sand saves. Both pars were needed to keep up the confidence. I just practiced bunker shots and it shows. It only takes me a few hours to get something done and play normal again. The back 9 started with three double bogeys on par 4s. All of them because of my putting. Missed a 1 footer. I should mark and settle. However, I came back nicely, finding my focus again. Played pars, bogeys and a great birdie on 16. Picked a shorter club and put everything I had in there. Most disappointing was 17. Had a huge drive, a great lay up and put my 3rd shot within 7 feet. But then left my birdie putt 2 inch short. That cost me some dollars because there was no other birdie on that hole. Not good. After all I am playing for the skin money not for the quota :). The key is make more then paying in. My game plan was good and I did execute it nicely. Missed my birdie book, which cost me 1 penalty stroke. Dum mistake I have to say. It was great fun and worth every minute. For the first time in 3 weeks I felt like I am moving back to were I left a few months ago. Back to becoming the player I was and should be. In focus, happy and certainly shooting in 70s consistently. I am excited about the coming month. Soon, every day play, every day practice, every day golf. About time. It is early, so there is plenty of time to do some chipping , which I will do and get ready for Friday. Can not wait to get out on Bobby Jones Golf course. Maybe not as in good shape as Bradenton CC, but a very good challenge for any golfer. More great news. A great golfer who for years played Titleist Pro V 1 told me that he tried my logo balls and loved them. He will switch. Which makes sense. Just read the compression report on those balls and then save yourself some money. Thank you for all the support and look forward to huge steps forward soon. Can not wait to be back :). Friday Bobby Jones, Monday Sara Bay.

Day 81 - Playing at Bradenton Country Club

Excited to play on the West Florida Golf Tour today. Bradenton Country club is on the list. Tough course, but like it. Donald Ross design. My plan is set, feel settled and good, weather is good as well. So a coffee and a breakfast and we are on the way. It will be a great and fun golfing day. Best of all. I love what I do and that matters most. Let us see what we can do today on the golf course.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Day 80 - Rained out of practice

With all the best intend, today I had to stay in. Thunderstorms and heavy rain was in the forecast. Considering where I am playing it made sense to stay in and work on other things, including some short game options. Never the less, I am ready to go tomorrow and play a good round of golf. That is the goal. the course is short but not easy. I played it several times and there was no chances done to it since then. So I am ready. Just need o warm up nicely and use the putting green to find the speed. Other then that, 11 am I am on the course going for it yet again :). Watched some golf today, did some online work. One by one getting hurdles out of the way and moving towards the goal we have in sight. I did find that age does play a little role in my approach. It seems like the body is not as easily to recover from practice or play. At first I was thinking it is all about weight. Which in a sense is true. Yet it is also about the right equipment, swing and how I approach the game in itself. My biggest exhaustion is most likely mentally based. It is a matter of practice. Practicing to rest my mind. In between shots, after the round or practice, after every shot. It is not an easy thing to do, but I get better at it all the time. Many times , I found out , that the thoughts you have about a shot, an issue or a situation on and off the golf course often have absolutely no impact on the outcome or plenty of impact on the same outcome. On the golf course, there is hundreds of possible outcomes for every shot and pretty much none of them under your real control. However, You can pick the best possible outcome and chose that for your current thought. Chances that it will be like it are increasing dramatically. Tomorrow my game plan is easy. I know how to hit a long straight drive, I know how to hit a good solid iron shot when approaching, I know how to chip relaxed and how to putt with confidence. The idea tomorrow will be to get the ball in a position of the tee so I have a shot at the middle of the green. Then go for the middle of the green and give myself chances for birdies, pars and saves. Also I will work on staying out of traps. That I will accomplish by doing adjustments while picking the club to play. So , I have a good game plan, I am in a good mental state and I am ready to do it. How good can it get. Also I am very thankful that I get the opportunity to play in the first place. Now, dinner and some more rest.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Day 79 on my wayt to professional golf

Looks like it rained all night. Seems wet. Yet I will have a good practice session today. Later this afternoon. I have to pay attention to my body though. I can feel my feet again and also my shoulder a little. So I will keep it low and focus on short game shots for 90 minutes. That will do. It is not about doing a lot in short periods it is about doing it every day in different ways. After yesterdays round there is hope for more improvement. Also I got my new head covers from a friend. We will work together on sales and I will get some results there. It is a long term project. Got some input yesterday in regards to my goals. One of them was : Either you want it or do not. Act accordingly. Going for a goal like you do, does not allow you to dance on different parties. Stay focused, do not worry about things which are secondary. Although it is not clear all the way what all is secondary, my friend is absolutely right. Eat , sleep , play golf. That is what it should be. In my conversation I then mentioned that 80 % of conversations and actions are about money and that I am tired of that. He had a good answer to that. Forget it! Do not participate. Talk about golf, your goals. Whenever someone brings the discussion to money, go away unless it is something positive. Interesting. I hurt that before LOL. So I am continuing to just that. Keep the focus on the goal, the task and the dream. Keep away the thoughts of people who want to keep you from doing what you think is right, from people who's main concern is to try to talk you out of your dream, build a team of believers in the goal. All heard the before but it is nice to have an outside party confirming it yet again :). So this week I did good. My focus was on playing golf, working golf, building a golf business and not get side tracked by all kinds of time wasting activities, conversations and tasks. You are reading the inner most thoughts of someone who wants to make it, which at times might be offending, upsetting. But it is reality and that is what this is all about. My true thoughts, my true effort, my true approach to life. I have one shot at my dreams. So what do you think is important? Making right for people around me or making it right for me? I know the answer and you will have some time to think about it :) Ok, now off to get things done. Cleaning clubs, reorganizing the bag, clean shoes. But first. Have coffee and breakfast.

Bobby Jones Golf Recap

Coming home late yesterday I had a friend with me and so I could not update on the round I played. In all, I am very satisfied with my progress I was able to get out of some good practice this week. My score not being very good yet, I shot an 84, my main concern was not the score in the first place. I wanted to shot birdies, because birdies mean money. But first I wanted to play good golf and for 80 % of the round I actually did. As overview I can say that my drives where good, average of 250 and almost all of them in the fairway. My approach shots got better and althought still short on some, I was able to put it on the green or close by. My bunker game improved dramatically. I was in 3 bunkers, made one up and down and two bogeys, which is extremely better then last time, my chipping is good, putting was good and last my hybrids were ok as well. Looking at the round I had some incredible shots in situations where skill is the key. On the 1st hole I missed the fairway right and had not shot to the green. So I went left trying to clear ditch to a different part of the fairway, which resulted in my ball being in the hazard, but dry. I was able to put it on the green from there with a 120 yard shot gripping down, bad stance. Very nicely executed. Gave myself opportunities for birdies, but only made 1. I think the worst two holes were number 16. With my approach shot I was 25 feet from the hole on the fringe and ended up with bogey. A similar deal was on 15. It might have been fatigue. Best shot of the day was on 18. Had a 240 drive, which was a miss hit. I thought about getting the ball in there and make birdie for some skin $. Felt like a great swing and was right at the flag. The grass was a little high, so there was little spin on that one. The other players were yelling at the ball to go in. It landed and rolled towards the hole, where I lost sight of it. when I got to the green I was about 20 feet behind the hole just of the fringe. I did a two put for birdie, which is always good on that hole. While walking to the club house there was a spectator who I knew and he said high. He then proceeded to ask me how close I was to the hole when the ball landed? I told him I saw it land and run towards the hole and lost it. He told me that it actually hopped over the hole, missing the flag stag just so, that it ran over the left site maybe even touching the stick a little. Almost holed out for an eagle. Put a big smile on my face and every bodies face and it makes you feel good. Those are the shots which bring you back and they become more often. I had a similar shot years ago on Madeira, Portugal. I walked up to the number 1 green and people from the next tee told me that my ball actually landed in the cup and jumped out. btw, I made the birdie there :). I can take away plenty of positive things and feel like I am on track. It is really true. When I block out everything around me, work , finances and whatever, I am able to focus and move forward. On a short note I have to say that my feet hurt a little. But I am not sure what that is a result off and will not elaborate in this post. The next one is around the corner. It was a good round, with good people on an ok course.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Day 78 - Bobby Jones Golf complex

Another fantastic morning here in FL. Never seems to end :). A little cold out there. But the sun will warm it up. It is Friday and I am getting ready for my weekly men's club match. Bobby Jones Golf Complex might not be the best in terms of quality, but it is a good challenge and more important I spend time with friends and supporters. Further, it is good competition. We are shooting for points, skins and closest to the pin. So there is money in the pot and some really good golfers out there. After yesterdays practice I am confident to play a good round of golf and I am excited that I can go. It is nice to wake up , feel good, have a clear mind and just focus on the game and what is around it.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Practice at Tatum Ridge in Sarasota

Had a great practice. Went to Tatum Ridge Golf Links mainly with focus on bunker play. But first I did about 30 minutes chipping with PW and SW. It was good and yet different then just a few days ago. It seems, that I can not get myself to stay with one set up. Also it seems that I can not decide to go with the 1 club philosophy or with the 3 club option. I feel comfortable with PW and SW around the green. My LW really went the wrong way. It was my favorite club around the green for years. Now I am struggling with it. Not the LW fault :). The chipping was satisfactory. I would need 1 to 2 hours a day to perfect it, so there is some focus. I skipped putting and went on to what I was planning to work on. Bunker play. For that I did 30 yard pitch shots first. Just to get a feel. Some flat lies, some downhill side hill lies. Some SW and some LW. All look ok. I did not want to spend much time on it as my focus was the bunker. I lost 6 to 10 strokes per round in the bunker while playing my last 4 rounds. That is not acceptable and just not right. I worked on short shots first. The first 5 or 6 were horrible. I simply did not get my follow through going. But then I remembered the video I watched yesterday by Phil Michelson and tried to implement his advice. Follow through all the way and go towards the target. It got better with each shot and I started doing long bunker shots, short bunker shots, uphill, downhill, side hill and the egg. In the end I was able to get all of them on the green and at least in some way towards the pin. I spend some time with that. Last I relaxed with PW shots, some 8 irons and some 6 irons. About 20 drives closed the session. I felt great about the progress with the bunker play. That was the most important goal today. Took about 3 hours all together. Enough for a range session. Now I am ready for tomorrow at Bobby Jones. Just have to remind myself that the greens are different then the greens we play on tournaments, for the most part at least. Other then that I am looking forward to compete and to win. Practice round at Bradenton Country Club is planned for Sunday. Saturday is Manatee Driving Range. Right on track again. When out there I not only had a great practice, but I felt great to be out there , seeing the birds, plenty of people going out for a round, having a beer, some of them so old, you might think they will never make it to the first tee box, but having fun along the way. Just a great feeling :). Now off to bed and getting some good rest.

Day 77 - Short game practice is the key

What a wonderful morning. Blue sky, sun is out and I am in good spirits. Also I am healthy. That in itself is a big bonus. Today there is 2 to 3 hours short game on the plan . Working on chipping, lob shot and sand trap. I will then finish with a bucket of drivers and hybrids. Time is short til Monday and I am aware that I can not catch up with the past weeks in a few days. But I can give it the best shot I have on Monday. I know I can play a good round of golf and that is what I intend to do with winning in mind. Remember Lee Trevino! In the afternoon my focus will be on work on line and getting my practice area and working area in order. I need to somehow find a better set up at home. Inside and outside. Really would need a practice green. I found some options, but will explore that later. Yesterday I emailed Annika Academy in Orlando. Annika Sorenstam is histories best female golfer. She offers some courses. Just was wondering what it would take to be there for 3 days , get instruction, a personal lesson and play 9 holes with her. Need to explore more options to get to the next level and also meet new people As part of the master plan including B&F and indoor golf, we need to expand our circle of friends and influence. Not meeting enough people, not going out enough to socialize and not spending enough time around events. This is a huge mistake business wise and privately. But that is a completely different story. Right now we have some coffee and a short breakfast. Then getting things ready for practice and off we go. I am excited. Excited about the plan and the goal. Also that I did some major changes in delegation within my team. I will do more of that , so I can do what I need to do. I will keep you updated.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Rainy afternoon in Bradenton, FL

It rained all evening. No way to get out. So got work done and now 50 putts. Tomorrow is a new day and lots of practice on the program. Working on irons, irons and irons. With the technology I am playing I lose distance. However, for now that will work. Smaller heads need more practice LOL. I am very satisfied with the progress of websites, communication and such. Can not see my potential club sponsors or makers as well as others. But one step at a time. For now. Sleep well and make sure to visit our site. Just posted more videos, pictures and so on.

Greens of Manatee practice

Just got back from a good practice at Greens of Manatee. The practice area they have is not very good. I did some short game. But the green looks like a fluffy carpet and around the green the grass is best for hazard practice. But I was able to work on my short irons and mid irons. Finished up with hybrids. Then it started to rain and I got lucky not to get wet. Now back to other work. I am very excited about this week so far. Let us see if we can continue to bring our focus to important things. Still no word on my golf bag. I am trying to find a company who is embroidering golf bags, but so far no luck. Same counts for hats.

Day 76 - Why should I practice in the rain?

The answer is simple, because we play in the rain as well LOL. Nick Faldo wrote in his book ( you can find it and buy at )that he went practice in rain, wind and whatever. Simply because tournaments are played in all conditions. This week is exciting. 100% focus on golf and golf only. That includes some work on the internet, but other wise I think, play, eat and sleep golf. Todays practice will be at Manatee Golf Course in Bradenton. You can find a review later on our webpage. Working on iron shots mainly. 6 irons , PW and so on. It is important to hit more GIR to give myself a chance to make birdies. Birdies are money and fun. So I will warm up with wedges, then hit mid irons. Before using the range, 30 minutes putting and 1 hour chipping. Possibly 30 minutes pitching. We will see. About 3 hours is planned today. Putting and chipping in the evening at home. Also working on sorting out golf items. Then work on blog, website and sponsor search as well as working on finding clothes and more. But I update that later. I feel great, spirits are good and I am working on some mental aspects. Despite what most think, golf is a full time job. There is no such thing as part time pro golf. It is either a full time job or you are not playing professional or at least are working on it. Did you find my Twitter pages yet? I will post links again soon so that everyone has the opportunity to be part of fun, deals and info. Pretty exciting. There is so much going on in golf. In general, in my attempt and in friends life. Getting ready to go play. Have a great day. Sinatra 468x60

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Day 75 - Recap and better plan for practice

After a well needed night of sleep I am ready for a new day. I feel lucky that I got away from yesterdays round without a cold. I had not rain gear and no wind shirt and was exposed greatly to wet and cold. However, it seems like there is nothing I caught. Looking back, the round was disappointing. I finally had my driver under control to a point where I did not collect on single penalty stroke, hit some great fairways and put myself for the most part in position to hit the greens in regulation. Yet, I only hit 2 greens in regulation all day. My distance with that club was ok, not great, but ok and it is good to have an opportunity to get a good second shot. As a matter of fact, if I would have played from the back tees, the pro tees, I would have had a shot on the same holes as well. So the distance was good even in this conditions. My sand play turned out really well. I had two sand saves , best Number 10 , where I put my second shot in a fairway bunker. Out of the bunker I had a great 105 yard shot which landed nicely and then unbelievably bounced back into the green side bunker from which I had a great shot within 7 feet and then made the put with confidence. Also I was able to create some good back spin on my bunker shots. So I now I know, that the only reason why I am not consistent with that shot ,is the lack of daily play and practice. My irons were bad. No control for the mid irons at all. Wrong judgment with the short irons. This is a clear result of not playing every day, period. The wind, cold and wet as a problem for me only because of not enough playing experience. For example, on the shortest par 4s I had about 110 yards into the hole. Clear simple shots and yet I ended up with one double bogey and 1 bogey. Not acceptable and extremely frustrating. My putting was ok, but the greens were unknown territory to me. I have not putted on a green like that since the last WFGT tournament. The difference is significant. The greens are absolutely true. Meaning. You can have a 3 foot put which looks straight and there is an 8th of an inch raise before the hole giving it a right break and if you do not let it role, it will brake 1/8 of an inch before the hole, which on a regular green simply does not happen because of the grass. The greatest news about the West Florida Am Tour events is, that we are playing on golf courses which are prepared for a professional tour event. Meaning, the greens are cut and rolled to top speed, the pins are in the most difficult position possible and the all preparation is done so that the tour pros need to be exact. This is what makes me come back every time they play. Because it is a true challenge to my skill, even from the 2nd set of tees. right now I am not living up to this challenge at all. Yesterday I was struggling with my mental game yet again. It was an extremely stressful morning before the tournament round, a ride to there which had nothing to do with focus on golf and I had about 35 min to warm up. All of the three are not acceptable and somehow need to change. When I was on the first tee, my focus was not on winning. My focus was on keeping the ball in play after seeing my shots at the hasty warm up. It was difficult to even focus on the ball. Certainly it did not help that I played with a group which does not understand the etiquette of golf. Running around behind me when in my shot routine, yelling across the golf course while in my back swing, standing behind my target line and moving while I am swinging and get ready, moving constantly and without a break emerge in conversation about something, even when 10 seconds before shot. Even my bad shots got applause at times, which makes one irritated. Yes, I think that is tough conditions. But most importantly, I actually do not mind all of it, if I am able to focus. There was a time I was able to block out everything around me and focus on one single thing. Many years ago it was a table tennis ball and some time ago it was beginning to be a golf ball. As a result I have to say, that the most challenging part to me is not the golf swing in itself, but a. The lack of opportunity to play and practice b. the lack of my ability to focus at the task on hand and clear my mind of circumstances around me. I can turn it as I want and it comes down to the same things every single time. Which makes it clear that in order to reach the goal things further have to change and I have to create better circumstances for my work and tasks. This will require some major changes of thinking on my part. Also it will require to have a financial base which will make sure, that I am not constantly bombarded with this issue from waking up until evening in form of thinking, discussion, thinking about how to get things done. Additional sponsor ship and support will only be earned if I focus even more on this one goal. This is a lot to think about and I am sure I am not the only one working on all of the above. For now, I am getting ready and do what I like best, go practice and be on a range or golf course. Surely there is more to come :).

Monday, March 18, 2013

The Founders Club in Sarasota FL, great course

It was an interesting round of golf today. Wind and rain did not make it easier. However, it was fun and even after this very bad round I performed, there is not all negative pointers I can take away. For the first time in weeks I did s couple sand saves. As a matter of fact, I got out of 5 bunkers and ended up with 2 pars, two bogeys and 1 double. That is not to bad. However, I missed several putts under 6 feet. One of them for birdie. Overall, the weather and the wind did not have much to do with my score. I had some good shots, some good saves but a huge mental focus problem. I can take some things from this round to learn, but what I learned most, is that in the current situation of practice, play and life, I am by far not ready to play as I can and should. I will update about new plans tomorrow and throughout the week. Right now I am tired, still wet and deeply unsatisfied. Tomorrow is a new day and we will take it from there. Thank you for visiting.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Day 74 - Sunday preparation for Monday tournament with plenty of more rest

Usually at Innisbrook, we could not be there today. So I will prepare myself for Monday. Biggest challenge: Focus and sand play. While the mental aspect can be worked on anywhere, bunker play requires, yes, a bunker. Because of transportation and timing this will be not possible today. At least it looks like it this morning. I got some ok sleep this night. The most important rest is not the night before the competition, but the night before the night. So again I am struggling to get the rest I need to be in shape and 100 % up to the challenge. It is not unlikely to have a nap can in between today. In any case. we will start out with a good breakfast and plan the day while having that. Short game practice is on the agenda as well as some rhythm practice. Also I will develop a game plan. The Founders Club is one of my favorite golf courses in the area. Love the lay out and most of the holes are favoring my left to ride ball flight. I know the greens well and the landscape gives comfort and a feel of being in a different World all together. I will use google earth as well as the yardage guide to develop a game plan, which then I will execute tomorrow. A good game plan is by far more important then a perfect swing. Knowing where to go and what is possible, playing the % and thinking every shot through is worth a ton. The rest of the day I will have to spend working trying to have something sold and get $. Not the ideal plan for a Sunday, but to be able to start with peace of mind tomorrow, things need to get done. Watched some golf yesterday. Interesting how players get around a tough course in different fashion.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

A round of golf at Bobby Jones Golf in Sarasota

Yesterday I played a good round of golf. There was some incredible shots. My score might not have been the best, but that is a result of not playing enough. My first hole started out very interesting. I had a good drive. However, the fairways were dry and so it rolled towards the ditch which divides the fairway. Lucky for me it did not reach the water, but was sitting on some grass in the ditch on a down slope. I decided to give a go because I had a rock showing out of the water on which I found a good stand for my left food. I picked my PW to move the ball forward. That was the only mistake I made. I hit clear into the bank where it disappeared in the mud. A SW would have been the right choice. I took the drop and had 167 to the pin, into the wind slightly uphill. I made solid contact and flew passed the pin and got a bad bounce over the green into some rough. My next shot was a pitch for bogey, which I thought I should make. Took my LW walked up to the pin to look for a landing area. Then gave it a good stroke for a lob. I felt great and looked nice and I thought this is good, even for a double that shot is good. But people got excited and were getting louder. So I walked up and did not see my ball, just to find out, that I actually holed it out. What a great shot, what a lucky outcome. This was a nice start and a great bogey. This is why we play. From there on it was a good round. Hybrid works great, 6 iron is in good shape, drives were fine, but need to be worked on. Putting was good. My biggest challenge were sand shots. I lost about 8 strokes because of my sand play. That is bad LOL. One more hole to mention is number 7. A dog leg right. Tough tee shot if you want a short iron in . So I gave it a right aiming over the trees to get within 130 or so. I really got ahold of that one. When I walked up and measured I had 111 yards left. What a drive. Into the wind, pin in the bag in front of the bushes and ditch. I decided to go for a close one and took a good swing at it, which I thought was a miss hit. Again I was wrong. It came out nicely and with some back spin I made it stop about 12 to 15 feet to the pin, up hill put. Straight. In my mind I though: Make sure you get it there. I did my routine and when I touched the ball I knew right away, that this will go in. Ever had this feeling? There was no doubt and it held up for a skin in the end. There was many other great shots and some really strange shots. But I think it was good for the amount of play I get and I am looking forward to Monday when I play The Founders Club. I am excited what is to come and I love it when I get to play. This is where I feel great. Today is some practice , but mostly rest and then work on our websites. A great day with great people it was :). I am thankful that I can do what I do.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Day 73 - Playing at Bobby Jones Golf Complex in Sarasota

Woke up in good health and ready to go. I am excited to get on the course . It has been over a week and I can not wait. It is hard to not go and play. I am prepared to play well and have fun. That is the most important part, having fun. For a while the fun was not there. It was more to get out, make money and survive. While the immediate need to make money stays alive more then ever, the fun is back. I adjusted my mindset back to where it was many years ago. The goal today is to attack. This is a skins game. Meaning. We get paid when making birdies. The overall score is secondary to the birdie part. My driver feels well and my short game has touch and rhythm. Good basis for a good round. Start out with a good coffee and then a little breakfast.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Is good golf practice possible in 60 min?

Absolutely. As a matter of fact, more then 60 min in one session is not good. At least Jack Nicklaus wrote that many years ago and I have to agree from experience. It is true that I sometimes go practice for 3 hours. But what is also true, that I have breaks in between. Meaning , I am not hitting 3 hours without stopping and doing something else. Like cleaning clubs or reading, writing or simply resting. So todays practice was in between a very busy day. But it was a great practice. Again at Terra Ceia Bay Golf in Palmettto,FL. I know what you are thinking. I just wrote a review about the bad balls there. And you are right , the balls are horrible. My bucket today was especially useless. At least 60 % of it. But I use those balls for wedge shots and short irons. Which worked out well. My short irons seem to be in great shape. Well, I am sure they were in shape all the time. but I am turning nicely and open up nicely.In preparation for The Founders Club I then worked on my 6 iron, which will be one of the key clubs on that course. There two par 3s which are most likely to be played with that club and those holes are there to score. So I will focus on that club a lot over the weekend. I then worked on some hybrid shots. Again, that is needed for that course and for tomorrow. Last I did some 3 woods. With hole number 3 of The Founders in mind as well as the par 5 number 9, which I play safe with a 3 wood tee off , 3 wood second and then a short iron into the green. As well as the par 5s on Bobby Jones, which I play as par 4s for practice. It was good rhythm and I felt comfortable with my rhythm, swing and mind set. As I wrote before I will spend the rest of the day with some online work and 1 to 2 hours putting and chipping at home. After going back and forth I made the decision that I will play at Bobby Jones tomorrow. This might not be a comparable quality course, but it is competition and playing for cash. Also there is potential sponsors, investors and lenders present, so I should show up. Last we are invited for a Charity Texas Holdem Event ( Breast Cancer) , which I will need to cancel. At least at this point. If I will then play on Saturday or Sunday at The Founders will be decided tomorrow night. As I will not be at the Tampa Bay Open this year on Sunday, there is some time in the schedule which I can work with. Great news. A friend and client of mine who operates a very interesting golf shop in Tampa agreed to take a look at my swing. The significance of that is not the look, but that he builds custom fit clubs. This might be an opportunity for a partnership which will include custom fit irons and a profitable outlook in terms of commissions. Next week we will see that we get there and talk to him. I will not disclose the name of the shop until it is time and set in stone. Ok. Back to work and practice.

Day 72 on my way to professional golf

What an early morning. 5 25 and I was up and running. Could not keep my eyes closed. I am excited. Excited about my upcoming day and about what we do. About the weekend at the Tampa Bay Open and in general about life. Still would need some sleep though. Starting putting my social media circle together a little more. One step at a time we are moving forward to build a sounds group, audience and friendship circles. This is fun and it is amazing how many friends and others are truly interested in what we do and support it. Only had one so far who gave some not wanted comments. Needless to say, it took only a minute to get rid of that one LOL. Today is a brand new day and the goal is to continue getting the Driver in shape as well as work on my putting. My putting cost me more then 10 strokes at each of the last two rounds. I am not talking about long birdie putts here. I am talking about putts of 8 feet or shorter. One birdie putt was maybe 6 feet. My lags are good and off green putting is getting much better and efficient. But what does it good, if I do not make putts within 10 feet more often and nail 6 footers at a higher percentage? Nothing! So I am doing short putts today. Hours of it. different settings etc. In preparation for Monday I am deciding today if I play Bobby Jones tomorrow or The Founders Club. For now my tendency is Bobby Jones. There is some money to be won, which could be used for a practice round on Saturday. Sunday we traditionally go see the PGA in Tampa. Not only is it fun to watch, but it actually helps your game and your mindset. We will see if we can do it. The perfect weekend would be. Play golf tomorrow at Bobby Jones, Play practice round at The Founders on Saturday Watch Tampa Bay Open on Sunday, win The Founders Club on Monday. Makes me smile thinking about this weekend LOL. Well we will see. Let me stick with my practice plan for today and continue to build my online presence to bring more support towards me. Still in search for sponsors and could use help with the search itself as well. So, input is welcome. In April we will be part of the Care2Tri Charity golf event at Heritage Oaks. For that , we seek sponsors who give items and prices for raffle and tournament, we seek players who would like to play this very private course and have fun. People who would like to support the community as players and or volunteer helpers. I am sure Stephanie could use some help. Check out the Care2Tri website and message me for info and dates. You will also find the dates in our Amateur Tournament Calendar at

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Short game practice at Terra Ceia Bay Golf

After a week of not being able to practice or go out I was back today on the range. This is such a good feeling. I to a large bucket with about 75 balls or so. Considering that about 5 are no good I thought about doing 70. My main focus was PW, 9 iron and a few 6 irons. Worked out well. PW is getting better. I play this specific one 90 to 120 and can use it for all kinds of stuff. 9 iron went very well. Could stick it nicely to my targets. No telling if there was any spin and the ball flight at times looked strange. But I was satisfied with my rhythm and set up. My physical shape was no good. After 45 balls I had to take a short break. Then I went over to do some driver tee shots. Had a few balls left and put my focus getting the ball straight out there. For that I actually reset my R11s to a different dial in after a few shots. No surprise, it worked well and I was able to get some good drives out there. Naturally I play left to right, which some people tried to tell me is not what I want or need. Fact is, that the most successful players in this game played left to right and for good reason. You can read about it in their books. I can only tell you, that whenever I go with it, I play well and more confident. Next step was to get about 200 chip shots in. PW and SW. Different targets, different locations. Some over the bunker , some straight, some rough and some fringe. Was good. Good feel and good results. Then I thought about some bunker shots. Did about 20 of them. I can get the ball out, but have not much control or feel. No idea what happened 4 weeks ago. Until then, I was doing very well with that. So back to the drawing board and practice and observe. I am happy I was out there and feel that I was doing my part for our team and business as well as for my health and mind. But 2 hours was enough time for today. I will be back tomorrow for sure and approach some new goals. I was wearing my old Adidas shows and was happy with that as well. No ankle problem, no hurting. That is the best news ever. What else is new? With our website we have new partners. Like Medicus Golf, Logo Design and many more. Interested in a mail in rebate from my website? That is easy. Ask me and I will tell you how you can get up to 10 % cash back for certain items if shopping through our website. Now that is exciting. So I worked on those new partnerships and we redid our biz Twitter account. I was dormant on that for months, which I think was a mistake. So many friends are looking , watching and want to share. Find us on Twitter at : befitforgolf Check out our new partners at :

Day 71 - First practice day after injury

The sun is out, I feel great. What a good day to start practice again. My first thought was to play a practice round for Monday. But we will see about that . For now it more looks like I will be going to Terra Ceia Golf and do short game and maybe a small bucket. That would be a good start. I did some chipping yesterday at home. Had a good feel and rhythm to it. So no complaints right there. Foot feels great and I feel confident that I am good to go. I wish I could play Friday and walk the course, but I am not sure if this is possible as of now. We well see and work with things as they come along. The practice goal today is short game. Although I feel good, I have to start all over again yet again. Every time I have a practice or playing brake of more then a few days it is a new start. That is happening until a certainly level of play is reached. It is like in table tennis. Some might know , that I was a top play for a while. This did not come along because I was the talent of the year, but because I worked very hard and practiced every single day for hours, for a long period of time. Whenever I go to a table right now, I am able to play 80 % or more of my ability without practicing one single minute. Why? I have it in my blood, my hands, my head. My muscle memory is there and will never go away again. In golf I am not there yet. Interruptions of play an the constant interference on a psychological level did not allow me yet to get to this point. This point is reachable. Pretty much every professional has reached that point. It makes a big difference. You then can take longer periods of time off and yet come back and be ready in a very short period of time to play your potential. Just like in table tennis, where I can a much higher level in a couple of weeks, by simply playing every day. I am happy with my short game. Also with my iron game and woods. There is no flaw really. My flow is to put it together. When looking at my scores, I clearly see going backwards. My scores get worse. That for many might be a frustrating thing and I it is not good for me either. But I know, that it is a temporary situation. I am able to shot great scores at any time. But I am rambling. Fact is, that I am ready to practice and am excited. Looking forward to hopefully play Friday and a practice round Sunday to be ready for Monday. Right now none of it is set in stone. But we work on it.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

What are the best golf shoes for walking and lots of practice?

After my incident with my foot, I am in need to change my shoe. So today for the first time I stopped at Golfsmith to try some shoes on. Not that I would buy shoes there. After all, I operate a website with plenty of shopping, but I think trying on a shoe is important. My first thought was to eliminate shows I did not even like the looks. Sounds funny, but I can tell you , that this plays a role in your over all feel. At least to a point, you should consider this fact. So I could scratch all Footjoys from the beginning and most of the Adidas and some other old style look shoes. Next I eliminated all cheapies. A show for 59 or 99 $ surely will not give me support for every day play and practice and that is what is ahead in the very near future. At the end I picked 3 shoes which I licked and which are of good quality. The Adizero, Nike TW 13 and the Ecco Hyrbrid Golf Shoe. I like all of them. They all felt good and all are light. So I tried on the Adizero first. I own two Adidas shows and was satisfied, although they are always a little tight. I have wide and flat feet. But , I picked a W and gave it a shot. It only took one shoe and I knew that this is not an option. So only a few minutes and a scratch. I liked the fast pace I was in already. Next I took the Nike TW 13. The Tiger shoe. It looked great, it was light and the material felt very nice. Size 9 was an immediate fit. For the next 20 minutes I actually kept the left one on my foot and in between had both. They feel great. The support system is good and the bionic skin material is very interesting. A little strange that it is folding on the sides, which did not take any comfort away though. The way the soles are made makes them very walkable. I very much liked them. Looking in the mirror, I liked the looks of them and developing a new image they could fit in the program and give the comfort I would need. So I had one left. Ecco Hybrid Golf. First I put on felt great, but was way to big. I put on another one and fell in love right away. The comfort feeling was very nice. The support great and easy to feel right away. The looks topped it. There is not much more to say. While walking for a few minutes, I was very satisfied with this shoe as well and I can see giving it a shot. I left on one of each shoes for the time I was waiting to be picked up. Overall, I have to say that both shoes are by far superior over that I had before. Not even my best FootJoys from long ago came close to the feeling. I am a heavy guy ( at this point LOL) and I need a shoe which is wider and has a good inside and sole. I like spike less shoes over spikes. When worn properly they will last for a long time. But longer then 1 or at the most 2 years is not planned in constant play anyway. Soles and inserts wear out, just like running shoes. They only have so many miles ( like tires ) and then need to be renewed. Anyway. I think I found two great shoes and can imagine to play in each one of them. Reviews are good on both and prices are comparable if not even. Hopefully over the next couple weeks we can get into those shoes and give it a shot. So I have to say today was a good day. Did plenty of research, tried to get my stats figured out, communicated with some people and worked on further plans and getting things in order. It was good, but besides some chipping I did not get any practice in. That is not exactly satisfying or acceptable, but the day is over and tomorrow we do better. Have any suggestions for some shoes? Experiences and other suggestions are welcome. Interested in getting some? Visit and some research yourself.

How to have a good day without leaving the house really :)

That is easy: keep yourself busy and productive. It was a good day in terms of preparing, writing, communicating and such. Seems I have new company coming on board with some options which will support the cause and the goal. That is exciting. It is really time. Actually it is overdue to be honest. Met with some other great partners, outside golf , and made some progress and had good conversations. Then mostly worked on planning, getting things in order for the upcoming power months. That is it. I had a good time and was productive.

How important is a practice round before a golf tournament?

This question is discussed often and amongst all kinds of players in all levels. It is something I think about often and just today I was called to play another practice round for the upcoming event at The Founders Club. No doubt, I would like to play it. But is also a financial question to be able to do that. So the round for me is out of question today. Even the weather looks much better right now. The great news is, that This course is not only one of my favorite courses, but also one I know well. Maybe even the one course I know best. I know the fairways, the lay out, the greens and everything I need to navigate this course. The contention that a practice round will help for my tournament round is partly true. True is, that when I play the course shortly before I play a tournament, I get a feel for it which is fresh and new. Also it will keep my rhythm in tact.Does it help with the greens? No. The greens are the same as they were a few months ago. The have the same shape, are in the same spot and of same size. In regards to speed it is true, that it is crucial to practice on greens similar to those of tournament courses. That is a challenge up to a point. You can practice in similar condition and even clone similar conditions at home, which I actually do at home with a high end putting service. Better would be a fast putting green. But that cost factor is high and will be part of the future. The speed of the green will be determined literally on the day of the event and while playing. The factors of green speed are complex and dynamic. Sun, rain, temperature, greens keeper, machinery, what grass you have on hand, wind, tee time. Although it is true that it is crucial to practice on greens which are similar to the greens on courses which are compatible to tournament high end courses, it is also true, that those courses provide a putting green which you can use before the event on that day and get a feel for the greens and how they are on the course itself. Those high end courses pride themselves in preparing the practice green the absolute same way as the greens on the golf course. It is not the speed of the green which will in the end be the problem, but the ability to adjust your stroke to the conditions. This is something I am working and will keep working on. Another factor about practice rounds is the course. Many tour players play any particular course one week in a given year. That is not a lot. Within 12 months many things can happen to a golf course. Rebuilt golf holes, added distance, added water, different grass or plants and trees and so on and so on. Further, even with all the technology around, tour pros can not use GPS nor Range Finders. They rely on a caddie, who relies on notes, drawings and numbers. The practice round was designed to fill in for all the gaps a tour pro has to deal with. It works, no doubt and I play it when I can. Not to practice or improve my game, but to get a feel for the course. So in a nutshell, I would say, that a practice round is a good tool, which in high level play is a necessary option, but on lower level overrated. If we would play at Legacy Golf Club next Monday, I would see that I am out there asap. Considering the fact that we play The Founders Club, I will play the round only if I can. But I will resume practice asap to get in shape for my favorite course in the area. There are different opinions about practice rounds and I am still debating at this point and stage. But believe, that it is on an individual basis such round is to be played. Once I reach the point that I can turn my for now rather incomplete approach to a 100 % professional approach, we will play the practice rounds. In professional tournament, the practice rounds are included in tournament entry fees, which also makes a difference. In Amateur play practice rounds are discounted rounds, which is great, but yet still money. I thought I write about it as I was asked about it many times. So when you are offered the practice round. Sit down, give it a thought. Weigh all pro and contra points and then make a decision which will fit the goal, tournament, price money to be won and importance of the event. After considering all facts, make your decision and follow through.

Day 70 - practice in rain?

Work up to plenty of rain this morning. That is a good thing, because we need the rain for our plants and reserves. Also I like the rain because it sounds nice and looks good. Kind of reminds me on my time in Seattle, WA where I spend most of my time in the USA and which I would call my home town. On the other hand, it surely does not help with my practice. The plan was to be out there late morning and it does not look like I will be. The time window to do it was tiny and it closed already. So I am bound to the office yet again. Which is not a big problem, because there is tons of things to be done. Pretty much all of them should not be done by me, but have to at this point and so they will be. Also I will do extensive putting and chipping, which I can do indoor in my practice area. At least I can work on feeling and routine. that is worth plenty. It is about 1 months before I can seriously can move on. For that I am preparing a very good plan. Which includes daily play and practice, some exercise and some adjustments or add on items to my food diet. Also some changes still have to be made in terms of equipment, clothes. A clear image, message and goal needs to be formulated and then put out on my websites. The great news is, that all of the readers of my blog get much information before anyone else. Meaning, you are so close to what I do, that you even learn about things while I am still thinking about them before I actually put them into action. Being a golf professional by far is more then just playing and competing. Playing pros have a wide range of responsibilities. They are business men and women, they are charity supporters, community leaders and more. They create a little world on their own for a purpose. This purpose being to give back. In all kinds of ways. The role model function is also a factor. However, I disagree in many ways to what a role model should be. The definition of role model: A person who serves as a model in a particular behavioral or social role for another person to emulate. I read that many times, there is absolutely no word about what exactly this person has to do, needs to be, has to follow or to show. That is where most people make a big mistake. They assume that someone is a good role model based on wrong facts. Based on society opinion of a culture or country for example. What could be a role model to one , might not be for another. So there is a challenge. The great news is, that for myself, I have a clear vision of who I am, who I can be and what I represent. To many that is not exactly role model stuff. But that matters little. So that is what we work on. Today I work on sponsor ship for communication and clothes. Let us wee what we can get done in that matter. Secondly working on sales. There was no sale yesterday, which is a big challenge, but then again little to what will come ahead and could be ahead :) . If I would be 100 % fit I would go practice Nick Faldo wrote in his book : A swing for Life That he always went on the range. In wind and in rain. Simply because tournament golf will not stop because it is raining or it is windy and so he could practice distances and shots in those conditions. If I would have rain gear, which I do not, a little more time and be of 100 % good health, this would be the right thing to do and I feel sad that I can not. But just because I can not do what needs to be done, does not mean I have to feel sad every day now. Just got to get things right. So until later and thank you for all the support and positive wishes.

Monday, March 11, 2013

First item for sale

This is the most important and best item for sale I have. 2 x 18 hole rounds of golf at Son Antem Golf Resort on the island of Mallorca, Spain. These two certificates are good for 2 18 hole rounds at the east or west course. Expiring on June 27th 2013. A round of golf for guests costs between 70 and 90 Euros if you do not have a special. Starting price to get them is 90 Euros for both rounds. If you go to Mallorca and look for a great golf course, this is it. They played the Spanish Open there and other tournaments. The Resort is first class. We stayed there before and liked it. Great practice facility. Great hotel. I have the original certificates right here and will gladly send them to you. Pictures are available. I won them at a tournament in Spain and was planning to use them, but will not be able to do so this year. In order to not let them expire I offer them for sale. Offers are welcome. Paypal payment is required. Price includes postage. I will send them as PDF before mailing them. In case of questions, I am always in touch with the originator and tournament organizer. That keeps your risk at zero. Please forward this message and offer to anyone you might now playing golf and going to Mallorca. We want to sell them fast, so make offers if you like. These certificates will go on Ebay mid week if not sold. Thank you for your help. There is more to come. Just a matter of working on it. Keep reading :)

Day 70 - fighting to keep going

Ready for another week. Best news of the day. My foot feels great. No swelling, no hurting. Yet, I will give it one more day before I go on the range. I would not have had time today anyway. There is too much to do. Some major things need to happen in our favor. So I am writing, posting, talking, calling. The urgency to get some sales or anything was overdue last week, so this week is all about funding and finding some peace. Sounds all horrible? Well, that it is not. But it is unsettling. This issue does not go away and causes lots of tension. Today I will spend some time putting , but no swinging and hitting balls. I will give it one more day before doing a little and then work my way up this week. I have a week to get in shape for the next competition. Friday will be taken of the list yet again. Budget cuts, just like our home country LOL. Most of the day today again will be the attempt to raise funds. This time not for golf, but for surviving ( not in a sense of dying!) , but in a sense of keeping things gong at home. Surely most of you know how that is. I do not feel of it as a bad thing. But it takes away from other things, like practice, resting time, peace of mind and so on. So todays mission is to sell. We have several things which need to go today. I have some golf certificates in Europe, which are from an exclusive course on Mallorca. You can get them for buy 1 get one free from me. Great deal. You can save 90 Euros or more on that sale. There is more and I will post it later. Not so much for the all who read, but maybe for someone you know. Besides selling I will work on the usual as I do every day and make some calls, which I did not do all weekend while resting. Also try to keep working on some extra work around a golf course, some advertising and surely I have to make calls which are not that fun, but those I will not lay out here :). So , wait for the items which I want to put out there and then for the report on putting. After seeing Tiger put like a machine, it confirms how important putting is .

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Feel much better and ready to go, but keep it slow

One more day of rest and no pressure on my foot and I feel incredibly better. No hurting. No swelling. I am ready to go. So I will start practice on Tuesday. Tomorrow I will use my time at home to do some home practice and work in the office. Have to do all the call backs. I got some good sleep, watched some golf, got some more rest, took some more pills. Might do some putting. Nothing to big. Just one step at a time. Also we will look for new shoes. It seems, that I have some troubles even with some of my good shoes. Not sure if this is age or simply a wrong move. It was great watching Tiger win today. Even more that Sergio was in the mix. Also that Steve Stricker was there and Graeme. My oh my. How good can it get. Most of my top favorite players all in the top 10. But I am not elaborating on that. Tomorrow is a new day. A better day. Although a very, very stressful coming up, I am looking forward to it.

Day 69 of mission pro golf

First night in days without waking up in pain. Foot feels much better. Which does not mean I will do anything in terms of sport today. I will have a slow Sunday and keep working on things. But it feels great to get some sleep and be rested more. First thing we do is a nice breakfast with close friends. Sitting, chatting, eating and having some great coffee. Then we will take it from there. I am sure I will be back on the blog later. But maybe not. Just watching golf and later on.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Voice your opinion

As part of my big goal, we need to develop a good website audience. For that more traffic is needed and more content. For years I wrote reviews for websites and companies online only to have them make money with those articles. Those times are over. It is now us who will present reviews.And you can be part of it. Visit our golf portal. and find the review page. There is not much on it. We just published it. Now there is content needed. I will write unbiased reviews about products, services, courses and much more. Those reviews are different, because we updated them with a follow up after a while and then keep going as we can. However, we will give the opportunity to third parties to write reviews. Only trusted writers will be published though and there is no financial gain in it. Contact me for guidelines. More important, if you own a company, a hotel , a product or anything what can be reviewed, I will do it. Find out how by using the website to message me. Meanwhile here is the link to take a look at the first draft we will use. Simple , clear, easy to understand and true. That is the deal. Great working day so far. Made good progress on websites. Later work on statistics and keep resting my foot. Also got some info together for financial matters as I was asked by some readers in terms of financing etc. However, there is still lots to do for that one to make it simple and clear as well. I was advised to find sponsors for Cell Phone, Internet, Tablet and so on. Not sure how to go about that, but we surely need to find them fast :). Just a matter of finding out what we can offer. Suggestions are welcome if productive and for the goal. Amazing how complex the project gets. By far more then most of you ever thought, that is for sure. I can not wait to be on the golf course every day and all this is done by a helper or volunteer. Back to work :)

Separate blogs to keep it simple

It probably did not get unnoticed, that I am blogging in 3 different blogs. There is a simple reason for that. Focus. While my main blog about my daily approach and life in terms of professional golf is published right here, I keep the other blogs separate from that. That makes it easier for readers to pick what they want to ready. I think this fair. You find a review blog. This will bring you a short , clear and simple review about a golf product, service, course or lesson. Nothing to deep. Something which can be helpful to anyone. Most people get to technical in the first place. A private blog about issues I find interesting. Now that is sensitive and I am not yet sure how to approach that completely but try to make it happen. In the end , the most important, most interesting blog will stay right here. With 300 days to go and in a hole right now, this will be interesting and exciting to say the least. But I am willing to sacrifice all kinds of things for that. Things which seem very important to some of you, but which are in reality are of no importance to once long term life and goals. I thought I will share the info about my blogs , so you are prepared and can pick your readings. Surely I know they all will be good. My private issue blog will also be controversial to some. But oh well , that is how it is and actually should be :) . Until later. -->

Day 68 to professional golf

After a long , mostly sleepless night I am back on the chair. The pain this ankle is causing is amazing. So I guess, back to just sitting and taking care of it. With all things on top of that, this night was one of the shortest in weeks. Fact is , that with that kind of rest, performance is obsolete.
Today will be yet another online working day. Writing, sending, reviewing, commenting, discussing , advertising and whatever it takes to move forward. Progress is the word and in the mast days we made little to none.
Looks lke a nice day out and I look forward to see the PGA Tour compete. Wonder if John is on the course already in Puerto Rico. I am sure it is nice there right now. I will update throughout the day on what is happening. It is amazing. It is actually comforting to share thoughts and work with viewers. Somehow it works like a channel to voice opinion, concerns, worries and joy. More comments, involvement and discussion would be welcome though. There is no harm to be done when writing. With close to 3000 page views I know there is plenty of viewers following. Probably feeling with or for me :).
Despite all the challenges, I have to emphasize, that I think this is all very exciting. The goal is huge and the way long. Our situation difficult and stressful. But yet, compared to other people, we live in comfort and safety. While it is upsetting to have financial challenges, it is nothing compared to what people around us face. So at times, it is a matter of putting things in perspective. I have some pain, but I am able to walk, talk and am healthy. Could we lose some luxury? Sure, but what is luxury? The mere fact that we have fresh water running from a faucet is for many not only luxury, but a lottery win. So, in a sense I am not happy with myself to lose sleep over certain things. At the same time, this is important as well. So you see, the daily struggle to move forward towards my goals is not limited to practice, getting the right advise, equipment. It is also about having this at home in order, thinking about the right things and trying to find priorities which define the purpose. Ok, now that is getting too deep LOL . But the purpose of a blog is just that. That one or more people talk about their passion in their most intimate and honest way. That is , what makes it exciting.
Wouldn't you be part of my celebration when I enter my first professional tournament ? Or if I finish in my first top 25 or top 10? Sure you would. But in order to feel that, you will have to feel the stress, pain and challenges we are facing here every day.
 Sometimes as simple as being able to go shopping.
Ok, now I feel better. Sharing is a great tool. Coffee is in on the list. I am sure I get into all that more at a later time today or along the way.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Getting healthy is more important that anything

What a day. I am on the computer working to make something happen all day. The good news is, I actually made something happen. Posting content on my websites, working on website layout, communicating with possible sponsors and working on a plan for more practice in a better sense.
It was productive. So I think over the next 3 or 4 weeks we see dramatic improvement in our set up. And it is time. Something needs to happen or my plan is in serious danger of being possible to execute.
My ankle is doing much better. When I move it, it feels better and lose. No more pain just sitting and much less pain walking. I am glad that I did not go play today. That would have been a set back for sure. So I have all weekend to get the foot in order and to get business and more in order. Being healthy will be crucial for the next 6 to 8 months.  No rest in sight. The day I wake up without thinking how to get thing done, will be the day I will celebrate :) .
One of the greatest things to be mentioned is the partnership with some great retailers. In effect what that means is, that if you shop there, you support me without losing any of your deals or sales.
One of my favorite is right at the bottom of this post. Check out the golf balls they offer.
Just make sure you shop through my site or blog . I highly appreciate it. It is exciting to see , that some of my friends and supporters take advantage of that and become indirect sponsors.
In return, I always ask for websites of friends, family and whoever. Offer link exchange to my golfing websites and real estate websites. There is all kinds of ways to get a mutual benefit going. Just ask.
Did you watch some golf today? What a performance by Tiger and what  come back by Sergio. Tiger set another record and Sergio came back nicely after a rough start. This will be a fun weekend coming up. I can not tell you how bad I want to go out and play. There is so many opportunities. Yet, I am injured and have to take care of other things first. One of my favorites today was Wiratchant. How about this 46 year old fighter. Plays his game and scores well.

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Day 67

No play today for me again. Ankle is much better, but still I can feel it when I put weight on it. since the next tournament is not until the 18th at The Founders Club, I do it the right way and let it rest. Gives me time to work on communication and papers. There is so much to do in terms of organizing, fund raising and more. This will keep me busy here on line and on the phone. Turn on some golf as well and see how Tiger and company are doing today. Seems like another nice day for them to be on the course. -->

Thursday, March 7, 2013

There we go

Ok, now that was a good day. I was not on the range and not on the course, but yet, I think I progressed with my plan. Worked for many hours on online improvements, paperwork and then finished the day with a good friend. Cooked a good German dinner. We had a good time just sitting together and talking. Most refreshing is to hear, that in over 35 years of watching and playing golf, my swing and attitude was one, which a good friend did not see in decades. So there is true hope :). I feel good, my ankle is better, my mood is up again and we are ready for new things. Not sure if I will play tomorrow, but whatever it is, it will be good. Visit all of our websites to check out all the updates we made and all the new options we added. this is fun and good :) What did you think about the PGA tour today? My favorite is Garcia. Tiger is hot as well. But there is many players out there doing a great job. If you have some time, check out the WFGT. Find it on . Just played the course of this tournament. Nice place. Not easy :)

Working on golf stuff, have time to chat

So far so good in regards to working on sales and advertising for my golf website. However, the ankle is hurting. This will cost me another 2 to 3 days of practice and progress. Nothing I can do about it. I think it is correct, that I did things wrong. When practicing I need to wear the appropriate shoes, not just street shoes. When going out in the sun I need to put on the good sun blocker. I get hit by the sun easily and then I am usually down for a day. What a great think to live in Florida LOL. Once we updated our the website, I will let all of you know. I am very excited about the review website. You will find up close and personal reviews from me and only me! Objective, short and unbiased. In between I will watch some golf. PGA tour is in Miami and Puerto Rico. Both will be interesting. -->

Day 66

Up and running. Well, running would be the wrong word. My right food is not swollen anymore, but it hurts walking.
Yesterdays tournament was a good experience. The course we played on is a very private club course, where public play is practically is none existent. That was the main reason I actually played there yesterday. And what an experience it was.
The course is build to be a similar track like in Scotland or Ireland A public links course with double greens, no real bunkers but lots of sand, wide fairways, huge greens which are mighty fast. Plenty of wind blowing at all times. First I thought I would not be able to play. After my practice the day bfore, I woke up with a hurting ankle which hindered me to walk normally and I was afraid to turn. But,
after thinking about it, I still was able to swing a club and felt otherwise good. Imagine, I am on a tour event, fees are paid, weather is good and it is a one day event. I thought about it , made a good evaluation of the situation an decided to play and experience the course and its conditions.
On the way to the location I got lost already. After getting to another course of this country club , I was send to the correct location, where I arrived just in time to tee off with my group. No warm up, no putting no nothing. That is not good, but I was able to work with it.
My first hole was a flop and double bogey. Second one was better and then I played a decent front 9. Considering the fact, that I pretty much could not walk or turn or weight shift , I was happy. Had good drives, so the practice paid off and most important, my 3 hybrid was first class. I had good control over it.
My putting was good and I made important putts. Only the one hole I was disappointed. A par 5 where I hit a great drive, a good second into the wind and them put it within 10 feet for a birdie putt, but ended up with a 7 after 4 putting this hole. Sounds horrible and it was, but yet, the greens and the wind were like that. I am glad to have made in the hole in the end LOL. had one birdie on the front nine, which was a good one. 167 par 3 into the wind. Had a great shot and made a good putt from about 12 fee.
Second 9 was a different game. My right food was swollen by then and I hardly good walk without pain. So it was difficult to stay in focus. But I did for the most part. Driver was still ok. Only missed 2 drives, which on that course is not as bad of a thing. Hitting shots of the fairway was difficult, because of my stands. But I managed to get around. My putting was not as good as on the front, but I made a couple important putts. I think a par 4 was the most interesting and best hole. Hit a good drive and ended up in the sand with about 130 in. Hit a second shot, which ended up in the left green side bunker. Hit a great sand shot making it roll towards the green only to stop 8 feet from the hole and then made the putt for par. What a save. I was excited about that hole, because it clearly showed that I am able to hit those shots.
In the end the score was not great. However, I was satisfied with my ability to deal with the situation, with my driver, hybrid play and putting. I am without a doubt able to play great golf, given the right circumstances. I had fun and played with some good and nice players. Collected good experience for my strong wind play.
So this time I could take home plenty of positive thoughts form this round. The biggest thing which is not that great is my foot. When I got home , it was swollen and blue and it hurt bad. The sun burned me and all I could do was lay down and rest. We cooled it and I took pain killers. It was a long night with pain, but it got better and today , I still can not walk good, but the pain is less. So , one day rest and work at home. That needs to be worked on. If I want to play 2, 3 and 4 day tournaments, I need to be in better shape and better prepared. But for now , that is how it is .
Not sure if I can play tomorrow at Bobby Jones. I might have to skip this round one more time. Not to happy about that. 1. For the play , 2 . for the company and 3. because I would meet the business owner who is willing to work with me in terms of sales and golf.
The biggest and most heavy concern I am dealing with remains the finance part of my project.  We made one step forward, which is exciting, but it is only one step and every day is still uncertain. This weighs heavily. 20 years ago I would have said: Oh well, whatever, no problem. But in this age, things are different :) .
ok. now back to work. There is plenty of things to do online and on the phone. No practice today.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Day 65

It is windy and it rained. Does not seem to be cold. This will be interesting today. I am looking forward. My ankle is hurting again. When I go practice for long periods I seem to have some challenges. Not that I feel it while working, but after the fact. I think I will be ok. Luckily I do not have to walk much today. We can ride. I am not sure if I would walk the course today though. Tee time is  9 50 am. Not to bad. They do not have a range on that course. but in light of the fact that I have a hurting foot, I think it is best just to play. I feel good otherwise and yesterday the rhythm was good.
If this would be a 4 day tournament for good price money , it would be a different story. But it is a skins game with bout 15 people. Ok price money, but mostly experience to compete against great players on a great golf course.
Off for some coffee and then getting my mind set for the match. Just think of Lee Treevino and play the game. Not there to dance around, but to win. Shoot birdies.
Great news though. A new company agreed to look at working together. Giving me some items in turn for % of sales. Not a big contract, but every dime helps right now to keep going. It will not pay the bills, which is my biggest challenge, but it will help save some money and supplement a few dollars. When beginning in a smaller set up, you have to work with things. I am learning how to do that.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Great practice

What a great day so far. After getting some really needed rest, I was out on the range for roughly 3 hours. Putting first. Was happy with my rhythm. The greens are of ok speed, so I shall be ok tomorrow. .
Then good practice on the range. Warm up with some PW , 9 iron and 8 iron. It was good and I had good rhythm. Which is positive, considering that I by far not do enough. My goal was to work on the driver, so I only did a few hybrids. They were ok, yet not very good. I can move the ball and I feel confident, that I can handle those clubs on par 3s and par 5s, This is where I need them most.

Then worked on the driver. The goal was to get the ball in the fairway. So, hit straight drives. My main challenge is opening up. Getting my body out of the way and stay in rhythm.
Today it worked well. I changed my routine a little and added a couple things. That seems to help to get the drive out there nicely. Hit bout 25 of those and only had two which might have been OB or in trouble I should say. But it is hard to tell on the range. Contact was good and I let my right hand go nicely. It was busy and after I was done,  I got some compliments from spectators and trust me, it was not for my looks :).
I concluded with some mixed shots and felt good about the results. My clubs are small, I have to say and the steel shaft is nice, but I am considering graphite soon to make it easier for myself. Another few putts with focus on putting off the green, which I do more and more if there is a chance. Really get good results with that.
It feels great to know that another few weeks and I will be able to go there every day, work on my game ,play and do what I am supposed to do. Not happy with the cost otherwise. 12.25 for a large bucket with 125 balls is pretty expensive I think. It was worth it.

Later I do some SW , LW and others to get in shape for tomorrow. Just the feel. I have my distances right. It is my rhythm and my head which I need to work on.
The new balls , Wilson Staff Duo, are great. I know some might say the quality of the ball is not that good. They are wrong. This is a good ball. I play against Titleist Pro V 1 people all the time and outplay them. Simply because this ball is not made for the average player, period! It makes money though. But that , I will review on my site.

Meanwhile, check out the Wilson Staff Duo on our website in the equipment department.


We have some great vendors who have good deals and some free shipping. Free shipping codes are available on request.

Day 64

Another cold morning. But, the sun is out , the sky is blue and the spirit is high. Ready for practice this morning. I am excited. Despite everything, I will go for a good and concentrated session to Manatee Golf Course. Main goal. Tee off and long irons. In order to get a chance to score, the tee off needs to be of good length and more important, in the fairway. After tomorrows round I can do the stats chart and will actually see my entire numbers for the first time.
Meanwhile I will work on my driver today. Second on the agenda is my 3 hybrid, followed by my 5 and 6 iron. I will do short irons for warm up. But I do feel comfortable with those and will not spend to much time on that.

Second stage will be chipping around the green. Just a few reinforcements from the weekend. Mostly SW and PW. The game plan is simple. Go back to the PW whenever possible  and use the Stricker technique ( as I call it) to get the chips close.

Last I spend some time on the putting green. The greens tomorrow will be fast. Which I am not used to because of my lack of practice on comparable greens. My mat at home has a 10 to 11. they might be faster tomorrow. So I will focus on distance today. The greens at Manatee Golf are not alwas as fast, but at times they do a good job. We will see. So , the plan stands.

In the afternoon, if I can manage , I will go to Terra Ceia Golf and do 200 chips and pitches, just for the feel and might add a few sand shots. My bunker game was horrible the last few round and cost me strokes and money. 

Todays work will be easy. Morning consists of writing and some phone calls. During the day I have to do some online class to learn about advertising. This will be interesting and important for my set up. Evening writing reviews and sending emails trying to raise funds for the upcoming half year.

So a full day. Key is to block out the things which are stressful and not as pleasant. Things that do not help the goal and important task. This is the hardest part today, but it will have to work. Otherwise all other work is for nothing and I am working for a lost cause.

I will let you know about the results of this day or what is happening throughout the same.

Enjoy your day as well.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Practice today

No way to get to the range. So home practice. Net, swings, putting and chipping was on the plan, but my clubs were not home, so no practice :). That is how it goes.  Few more weeks and I am in the real mode. Can not wait. I am sure you know the feeling when you know you could do more for something important, but can not. Kind of being held back :).
Tomorrow I have full 4 hours though. I am excited. Maybe I even get to play somewhere and really prepare for the Wednesday.

website update

I have to let you know that was offline without me knowing it. We were able to fix it and it shall be all good within about 30 minutes. Meanwhile I hope it did not cause any problems for any of my clients , partners or friends. If so, please message me and we will work it out.

Website updates

I am constantly working on getting my profile and work better displayed. The newest updates are at Here you can follow Pro Golf Tours, shop for great golf products and find much more info. Most interesting will be the review site which will be published in about 5 days. This is my official profile website. Now under construction it will tell about my work, what I do and my golf profile. Resources site for golf and travel on and to Mallorca. Whole sale website for golf products and more. You can read, use and enjoy any of the above sites. I encourage you to do so. You can also be on those websites with your business if you like. Just a matter of writing me. Visit them, write me and let me know if you have questions.

New plan for today and tomorrow

Just found out that I can not play a practice round. The course is closed for today and tomorrow. That makes it a little harder for Wednesday. But it will have to work. So practice today and then practice tomorrow. That does not replace play, but I think we can manage. Maybe I am able to find a round somewhere to get in the mode. In this cold, there might be some options. Good preparation with google earth will help also. After all I should be able to play a course at any time. From the white tees it is so short, that it should not be a challenge. I am excited to proof my ability. There is some money in the pot as well. After all that is why we are out there enduring all this stress and the hard work to keep moving. One thing is for sure, approaching a goal like I am right now is not for the light hearted. One of the things I am learning right now is, that before beginning , all things should be in place. Meaning, you should have equipment, memberships and finances all in place for one year of full time play, practice and tournament. It is extremely difficult to keep focus and strength if this is not there. I am lucky and have already some support which keeps me going, but still there is more needed to be at 100 %. The experience I am providing here shall help others to plan better. Beginning the end of March it looks like I am able to put 80 % of my time towards the goal. Practice and play will be set up and tournament entries taken care of. On top there is support for living which lifts weight as well. Equipment is supported. So we are doing well, which is exciting. When you read this and are one of the players who wants to start going for it, you should book mark my blog and site. There is much to consider and it will take plenty of mental strength to keep in focus , despite what comes on to you in regular life. Priorities need to be set for everything you do. That does not mean you need to stop having fun, living or so. However, there is plenty of things to consider. I think I will start working on a guide for all those in my age, who are seriously interested in playing on Pro tournaments. Mini Tours or higher. I absolutely believe my experience will help. Just another thought to share in the daily life of a golfer.

Day 63

Up early. Absolutely no way to find any rest or sleep. I guess that is part of the deal when you try to make it happen. It is another very cold day here in FL. However, I will do my practice session in the afternoon. Looking at the weather fore cast I am freezing already. Need to work all morning and get things done. Hope that I am not to tired to get a good session in. Will do some major changes in business set up today and also privately. Costs need to be shaved and power redirected. Worked all afternoon on my review website and hope to launch it later today. Depending on how I can put another 5 or 6 reviews on it. Then we will take it from there. Not sure if I can put in the practice round at Lakewood Ranch. Same reasoning yet again. But we will see. In any case it is a godo thing to be on the starting list and compete under high end and professional conditions. Remember, we urgently seek further sponsors and supporters. This could be in any form possible. If you have interest in joining my team and learn how to actually get financial benefit our of it, please contact me through my email. Ok, off into the day :) .