Thursday, February 7, 2013

Short but sweet

Short practice, but successful. Good feel in my hands and in my swing. Did not shoot any videos, but will do so again soon. Right now the focus is on feel more then anything else. Might add some putting to the day, depending on weather and time. One of the things I found out is, that I tee up the ball way to high with my driver. Which results in many straight hits which are not long. The cause being that I do not hit the sweet spot. But , it is very strange to tee up the ball lower with the driver. So the next goal is to learn to tee it low and go through with it. At home I will start to use a short rubber tee and do half swings to get a feel for it. Next week I will take it to the range and then specifically work on teeing of with the driver. Still the number one project I have to work on. If I can not get off the tee 270 or longer in average, there is no way to hit into the long par 4s. Playing short par 4 therefore only helps to a point. Theorizing is good :), just does not help with anything. Spoke with a friend about playing next week and it looks good. Might even be able to get on a couple good courses with them. We will see. Not being able to play often is not exactly helping the game and moral. However, I can think of a thousand reasons which are worse :). Off to do some webwork. Did you check my website yet? being the main portal. Any webmasters our there who want to be part of building the site. There is a lot of help needed to get things done. Message me, make suggestions. :). Just remember, comments and suggestions are welcome, but I will not approve comments which are negative, try to educate me in terms of what I can do or can not. That is why I had to delete a few.

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