Monday, February 18, 2013


Wow, not that was a tough round of golf.
Getting there I was told it was frost delay. 1 hour wait. So I went to Suncoast to warm up. 1 hour in cold wind and I did not feel good about it. But I thought, that my drives look good and my long irons decent. So  I went on back to play. Beautiful day. Blue sky, sunny, but ice cold wind and wind from everywhere. Looking at results of all players, you can see how tough it really was. But that is by far no excuse for my play. I had good drives, some extremely good chips and approaches and some good putting. but on the other hand I offered some laughable shots, beginner putting and approach shots which were not close to approaching.
What I liked was that on par 5s from the white tees. I had a realistic change to make it in two. Which I did not go for it ( big mistake) and focused on playing a birdie to make some money.
I had about 7 chances for a birdie 2 of them realistic and made none!!! No birdie, no money.
Most interesting is the part of who you play with. If players in your group start taking your clubs out of your bag and proceed to lay them by your next tee box while you are still putting on the green before or marking your ball while you are walking up to it for a birdie putt to push you to move faster and then end up with a double bogey, patience is lost.
It is absolutely horrible to play with players who do not appreciate someone trying to play well just because they are thinking you can not. However, even that I do not consider a reason for playing a bad round, but it shows you, that in some instances, it is simply better to not play in this company, which I will from now on try to avoid.
One PGA pro asked me today why I am not progressing. When discussing the schedule the only thing he said was : Forget it. There is absolutely no way whatsoever to progressing to a higher level if not playing every day. Period. For that matter he also said, that I should not worry about my score ( which I do not ) and keep working on getting a professional set up.
This is all no news whatsoever to me and I am aware ,that my current situation will not allow me to progress. But should I not play at all just because I can not get results?
The answer is yes. There is absolute no sense in playing for money on the big courses if there is no realistic chance to win cash. I am not playing to look good and I am not playing to have a status. I am playing to earn income and to have fun.
So he was right. Also I was told that I have all what it takes, but need to focus more on golf. Also aware of that, I will try to make that a point.
There will be no tournament play until March 11th and then only if I can see progress and good rounds before that. A par round is mandatory before spending more time on that.
Next step will be a change of equipment. Bag, some clubs, some shoes. So there we go on our journey. On step at a time. Still great to do what you really like to do and as a matter of fact, that is the only way to go if you want to enjoy life.
So , Tough day, but good work day, interesting people and even more determination in what I do is right.
Most interesting hole today :
Par 5 number 18:
I hit a 267 yard drive and hat 197 too the pint. Unfortunately with a downhill lie. I opted to lay up with a 6 iron just in front of the  green. But ended up a little right in very deep rough. After waiting for 5 minutes to get to play, I was able to put it on the green within 30 feet for an uphill birdie put. While walking up to the green a player in our group took the liberty to pick up my ball and mark it.
A little irritated I thought we need to rush and looked around and  did not take the time to look at my put from all 4 sides. Which resulted in a fast put to the hole which ran of the green into the rough. needless to say I was not able to make it stop close to the hole. Lucky to safe a 7 after being in great shape.
Overall, my fault. I should have blocked out the amateur and disregarded his behavior. Good lesson learned and now more understanding , why most pros do not like to play with those people.
Now , back on the couch and trying to fight this incredible cold and cough, hoping I am good tomorrow.

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