Monday, February 4, 2013

Night thought

Getting ready for bed after a super long day. Tomorrow we start fresh and keep it going. Terra Ceia Bay is on the list for a short but good short game practice. Rest of the day will be more admin work. Possibly put a couple hours of practice net video work in. It all depends. Based on the page views of this blog I am excited to have people interested. Surely you will find some advertisements and youtube videos soon posted on here. It is just a matter of writing and producing. If done alone, the task list can be huge and the day short. But I have to say, I sleep well. Whenever you feel you do exactly the things which you are supposed to do, you can only feel good. Despite all hurdles, I feel good. Jim Rohn said A bad day of doing something you love is by far better then a great day doing something you don't. He was right.

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