Friday, February 22, 2013

Nice day out

So I decided to play today. 4 days sick and in bed or on the couch. I needed to get out and it was a great idea. Weather was perfect, sun, blue sky. What I did not realize is the fact, that I was still week. Only took 5 holes to be tired and sweating like crazy. But , my driver was working well for me. Hit fairways and gave myself some opportunities. Not that I made a birdie, but 1 inch short , 2 inch long, 1 inch short. Not to bad I must say. So the front nine was 5 over. Not to bad, considering the wind and not knowing what was going on. Sometimes it felt it was not me playing LOL, which at times is a benefit. Back nine started with two double bogeys and a bogey. Horrifying , when you thing how short the holes are. Had some great drives following up and putting for birdie on every hole from then on, not making one! Frustrating. The best news. I made it. Exhausted, feet hurting and a pretty good sunburn. Played an 83. Not a great score, but considering the situation pretty good. The best part about the entire day was something totally different. John, a friend , 55, who had a stroke some time ago was actually in the club house. In a wheelchair . He could not move his left side and did not recognize everyone, but, he was there, having a brown ale ( his favorite beer), talking to people, being where he belongs, on a golf course. He might never play again, but still is going to be there. What a fighter. Only a week or so ago he could only move one hand! This was good. A huge reminder how lucky I am to be as healthy as I am. To be able to get out, walk , talk. Makes all the troubles we have right now totally irrelevant. I mean what does it matter? In reality. It is nice to have plenty of money, have all ducks in a row and so on. He has all that, but he might never move again. I have no ducks in any row, but I walk , talk , drink, eat, play and have something John does not. I wish I could give him some of what I have. It puts life in a view which most of us lost. Money. It is all about money. Forget about money. It does not even matter. Next I have a drink, try to get some rest and reset. The next two months are going to be a defining moment. We need to raise tons of the money I just was talking about. But do you realize why the goal is the goal? There is so much work to do, People to be helped. I just met a new friend who's parents dedicated their lives to help the homeless in Sarasota. He will carry his heritage and I will help him. I will e part of his team. But there is more partners we need. More people who want to be part. Wow, I got all carried away. But the truth is, that we do what we do not to be rich, but to give back. Give more. There is several golf tournaments coming up for charity. Breast cancer and more. If you are interested , message me, ask for the info. WE have a poker tournament coming up to raise money for the breast cancer walk. We need sponsors, helpers, players and more. Ok, I think that is enough for today. So sleep well and think!

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