Saturday, February 9, 2013

Nice day at practice

It was a short but productive practice today. Warming up with a few short irons, which are in good shape, then shifting focus on longer irons for the approach. But the main focus remains the driver and the hybrids. Things looked good today. Accurate shots. Because of the range balls and conditions it is almost impossible to tell what my distance at this point is. However, the swing felt good and I think there is potential to get more distance out of it. Just a matter of going out there and practice and play. Tomorrow we will work on short game for a couple hours and then switch back to the driver. The Terra Ceia Open will be the next official tournament to prepare for. So the upcoming week playing this course is on the agenda. As of the moment, a withdrawal of for Mondays WFGT tournament is unavoidable. Disappointing since this is one of my favorite courses out here. We will see. For now the day is over :) .

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